Uhh what?
— Glomp

Non-Heads is the seventh episode by Jumpy G. Footi. It was released on 9/18/14.


The tallest of the mixels - Footi, Zaptor, Seismo, Glomp and Chomly lost their parts on the heads.


(The episode starts when the mixels "that are on the plot" fight with the Muscle Nixel and he makes a magic thing and leaves.)

Glomp: Guys what is that? (Goes to the magical bag and touches it.) So Strange.

(The magic thing makes a cloud and they sleep and when Chomly wakes up:)

Chomly: (opens his eyes and looks his head and see that his mohawk misses.) What THE?! GUYS WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Zaptor: Stop yelling. (Looks his head and sees his rod misses.) WHAT HAPPENS? Guys look at yourselves.

(Seismo's horns miss, Glomp's ears miss and Footi's spikes miss.)

Seismo: I know what happen here! Me, You Fighting Muscle Nixel he drop magic magic we lose hats. Us need 3 maxes from "F" Tribes.

Footi: Then let us don't lose time.

(They are running and see Shuff, Zorch and Flain.)

Zorch: Heya guys what happens? (They dont answer and run.) Wait guys (They run after them and Tentro and Teslo train.)

Flurr: (Watches Teslo and Tentro with Gobba and Jawg and see them running and follows them.) GUYS WAITT!

Glomp: Uhh what?

Gobba: Why you run?

Footi: We need to go to the Flexer castle and get maxed up!

Balk: Then let us go there! (Makes himself slingshot and everyone gets on it.)

(Meanwhile Kraw is showing Lunk the lands and everyone fall near them.)

Chomly: HEY GUYS WE NEED.....

Kraw: I know the three maxes of the "F" named tribes! Ok everyone come near to me.

(Series two mixels go near to Kraw and they pull out cubits.)

Everyone from Series 2: MAX! MAXATRON! (They turn into maxes and then make one big Max which gets all non-head mixels and return their heads.)

Everyone: Yay now let's go get smash this Muscle Nixel.

(Episode ends.)



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