No Leaders is a episode of Mixels.

(Sequel to Epic Comedy Adventure)

Act 1: At the Mix Festival

  • Span over the festival: Vulk is DJ, the Wiztastics are doing magic tricks, Tentro and Balk are having a dance-off, Flurr is keeping lookout, and Flain and Kraw mix*

Flain and Kraw Mix: Welcome, Mixel dudes, to the Mix Festival!

Teslo: Zaptor.. this time.. don't *BZZZZZZZTT* eat all of the hamlogna sandwiches!

  • Volectro nods in agreement*

Zaptor: What do you mean?


(Zaptor eats sandwich)

(more silence)

(Inside the Nixel cloud)

Major Nixel: THOSE MISERABLE MIXEL LEADERS! Once I get rid of them.. the other Mixels will be in panic, and NIXELS WILL RULE! I'M A GENIUS! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Nixel 1: Nix nix nix!

Major Nixel: What do you mean they could rebel against us!?

(Pipe extends from cloud)

Back at the Mix Festival..

Krader: Where Flurr? Flurr? Flurr-(sucked up)

Magnifo: Abra cawacka do-AAH! (sucked up)

Mesmo: Magnifo's gone. Meh.

Teslo: We're under (BZZT) ATTACK-(sucked up) More coming soon.

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