• This is the second episode in my series!


  • Major Nixel
  • Muscle Nixel
  • Glurt
  • Torts
  • Glomp
  • Scorpi
  • Mesmo
  • Flain
  • Mudsko(My moc tribe)


  • Major Nixel: Here we go, Nixels. I have got a Nixel Cubit, to destory the Mixels! Muscle Nix!
  • Muscle Nix: Ready to Nix?!
  • Major and Muscle: NIIIX! Hhahahahaha! To the MIXEL LAND!
  • Scorpi: Do you hear that?
  • Mesmo: What?
  • Scorpi: That big stomping noise?
  • Mudsko: I hear it too?
  • Scorpi: Lets Mix!
  • Scorpi and Mudsko(Humorous Vaccum Scene): miix!
  • Glomp: Glurt, Torts, Max!
  • Glorp Corp:(Humorous Teacup Scene) MAX!
  • Glorp Corp Max: This is the end of the line for you Nixels!
  • Major Nixel Mix: Hahahahaha! NEVER!!!!!
  • Scorpi/Mudsko Mix: Hey! its a....NIXEL MIX! HAAH!(Mix unmixes, Scorpi runs away screaming in fear)
  • Majro Nixel: What- What? MY NIX IS GONE! Runnn!
  • Glorp Corp Max: Hehehehe! Run! Run far!
  • Torts: That ought to keep them away for a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG time!
  • Mudsko: Scorpi? SCORPI?
  • Nixels: Hahahahahaha! nix NIX!
  • Major Nixel: Shut up, Nixels!
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