Act I

(Mixels Title screen pops up above the Spiky Desert)


Footi: What shall we do on such a boring day?

Scorpi: Give hugs to the other Mixels?

Footi: We do that too often, and they don't seem to like it.

Footi: I know!

Hoogi and Scorpi: What is it, what is it?

Footi: Let's MAX!

Hoogi: Great Idea! But we need the cubit first.

Scorpi: I already got one!

(Gets poked by one of the thorns in the sand and drops the cubit)

Scorpi: Ouch!

Hoogi and Footi catch the cubit*

Hoogi and Footi: Got it!

(After touching the cubit, Hoogi and Footi are soon sucked into a black hole)

Hoogi and Footi: Murp!

Hoogi/Footi Murp: Hehaheaheaeehae, MURP! heheaheeaehe, Murp!

Scorpi: Oh no! My mistake caused my dear friends to murp!

(Camera goes to Mixel Park, where every other Mixel from Series 1, 2 and 3 are holding the Mix Festival)

Seismo: Me having rad fun! Rad fun!

Flain: I'm glad everyone's enjoying themselves. Especially you, my Cragster compadre.

(Hoogi/Footi Murp Enters Mixel park and steps on and pokes all the balloons, making them pop)

Mesmo: Hey! Knock it off! It took me days to inflate all of those!

Hoogi/Footi Murp: MURP! MURP!

(All of the other equipment is destroyed thanks to the Murp.)

Teslo: Just great. The Mix Fest has'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' been ruined!

Krader: Hoogi and Footi must have made big murp-murp! We need to stop it with rock-solid plan!

Other Mixels: Yeah!

(Scorpi arrives to tell the news)

Scorpi: Sorry guys, we...

Kraw: Wanted to max, dropped the cubit and accidentally made Hoogi and Footi murp?

Scorpi: How did you know?

Kraw: Flexer's knowledge.

Flurr: But how are we going to stop it?

Kraw: Good question, but I have an answer!

Glurt: Really? Lay it on us, Kraw!

Kraw: I'll explain the strategy as we go.

Act II

(After mapping out where the murp is headed, Kraw's strategy begins.)

Kraw: First, we need to mix two Mixels to make them airborne in order to see the Murp bird's eye!

Flain: Teslo and I can manage that.

Flain and Teslo: Mix!

(Roulette appears, starts to spin, and mixes the two as it says "MIX")

Kraw: Wings?

Flain/Teslo Mix: Check!

Kraw: Backup thrusters?

Flain/Teslo Mix: Check!

Kraw: Underpants?

Flain/Teslo Mix: Um...

Kraw: Nah, I'm just kidding about that one! Good luck out there!

(The mix flies off to find that the murp is headed toward the Swamplands)

Hoogi/Footi Murp: Muuuuuuuuuurp heahhaweahaehawe, murp murp murp murp!

Flain/Teslo Mix: The murp is headed toward the Swamplands!

Glomp, Glurt and Torts: WHAT?

Torts: We need to stop them!

Kraw: Next, we need another mix to trap, slow down or distract the murp!

Vulk: Maybe Zaptor and I can mix to cause a shockwave to blind the murp.

Kraw: Good idea, Vulk!

Zaptor: I got 'zzzzzzzzzzzz' the cubit!

Zaptor and Vulk: Mix!

(Tornado is summoned, catching Vulk and Zaptor, spitting out the word "MIX")

(Shockwave blinds the murp)

Kraw: And finally, we need a mix that can split the murp!

Flain: Krader and I could mix to throw a flaming rockball, man.

Kraw: Good thinking, Flain!

Flain: Ready, Krader?

Krader: Ooh! Ooh! Me ready!

Flain and Krader: Mix!

(Giant trash compactor appears, squishing the two together as it says "MIX")

(The mix throws a flaming rockball at the murp, causing it to split.)

Footi: What happened?

Scorpi: You guys murped and we just saved you, before Mixel Land became nothing but a wasteland full of toenail marks and scratches!

Hoogi: Thanks, Scorpi, Now give us a snuggle-wuzzle!

(Hoogi, Footi and Scorpi all hug each other.)

Others: Awwww.

Wizwuz: What are we waiting for, we should start the Mixfest!

All: Mixfest! Begin, Begin!

(The End Screen shows up only to be sliced in half by the murps punching and kicking)

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