Mixels - Series of Madness is a custom series of shorts and specials, written and maybe drawn, by Tung. At the moment, the number of shorts and specials is unknown.


  • Episode 1 - Seasick - When Sharx gets seasick from an adventure on seas, the Medix arrive to try and make Sharx feel better! Will their attempts work, or fail?
  • Episode 2 - Ultra-Miximum-Murp - When the Mixels are faced with the threat of a Nixel attack led by Major Nixel, the Mixels attempt to Mix to the Ultra-Miximum-Max, but the outcome is not as you would imagine..
  • Episode 3 - Diner Bonanza - When Sharx and Lewt hold a dinner party aboard the Sea Dawg, Skulzy goes all-out with looting other Mixel's pockets!
  • Episode 4 - Tooth Extraction - Coming Soon!
  • Episode 5 - Fire Frenzy - Coming Soon!
  • Episode 6 - 5 Minute - Lost at Sea - Coming Soon!
  • Episode 7 - 5 Minute - Mixapod Rampage of Mixel Land -
  • Episode 8 - 22 Minutes - Nixmageddon - (Gravity Falls Spinoff) -
  • Episode 9 - The Arrest -
  • Episode 10 - Mixelman Adventures -
  • Episode 11 - Take a Licking -
  • Episode 12 - 5 Minutes - Finding Tapsy -
  • Episode 13 - 22 Minutes - Season Finale - Declared as Mayor -

Episode Scripts

Episode 1: Seasick

  • [Mixels Title appears on screen, focuses on Pyrratz Ship in Mixel Ocean]
  • Sharx: Batten up the hatches, Skulzy! Raise the sail, Lewt! We're going on an adv-[coughs] Adventu[coughs] ADVENTUR-[wheases, sneezes and coughs]
  • Skulzy: Are you okay, Cap'?
  • Sharx: I'm just swell! [coughs] Oh, who am I kidding! Call the Medix!
  • Lewt:[Dials 119 on phone]
  • Surgeo:[From other phone line]Hello, We are the Mixopolis City Medix, Surgeo speaking. How may I help you, sir?
  • Lewt: Our cap'n is sick! Do ye think ye can help?
  • Surgeo: Sure thing, an Ambuplane will be right with you. [Hangs up]
  • [Ambuplane siren sounds]
  • Skrubz: Mixopolis City Medix, here to help! Come with me.
  • [Back at the Mixopolis City Hospital]
  • Tuth: Say "Aaaah".
  • Sharx: Aah-[sneezes)
  • Surgeo: Ah, looks like you got a case of Seasickness! Only one thing will fix it!
  • Skulzy: What may that be?
  • Surgeo: Some nice, warm soup! [Dials Lava Lounge number, Flain answers] Hello, Surgeo speaking. We need you here to warm up some soup!
  • Flain:[Other line]On it!
  • Surgeo: Flain wil be right he-
  • Flain: [Warms up soup] Here ya go, dude! Feel better!
  • Sharx: [Drinks] Ah! I feel much better, matey's! Now, time to find some treasure!
  • [Back at Pyrratz Ship)
  • Sharx: Batten up the hatches, Skulzy! Raise the sails, Lewt! Time to go on an ad-[coughs] ADVENT-[Coughs] ADVENTURE[Coughs and sneezes] Not again!!
  • [Episode ends with Ambuplane siren noises]

Episode 2 - Ultra-Miximum-Murp

  • [Episode opens in Nixel Land, with Major Nixel leading a Nixel stampede towards all the Mixels]
  • Nixel: Nix?
  • Major Nixel: TREAD ON!
  • [Meanwhile...]
  • Cobrax: Nixels aheaddddd!
  • Flain: Holy sxhnixels! Dudes, we gotta Mix to the Max here!
  • Splasho: I have a cubit!
  • Kuffs: Leave us out! We'll charge in with our Policeocopter!
  • Splasho: I got it! Lets Mix it to fix it!
  • [Everyone puts their hand on the cubit, Ultra-Miximum shows, then MURP]
  • UMM: Dis nu wut we wawnted!(Shoots ice out of claws, ice freezes some Nixels)
  • Nixels: NIXXXXX-(freezes)
  • UMM: DIS NU MAX DIS MURRRRRRRRRPPPP! HAHAHA! (Shoots fire and burns more Nixels)
  • Major Nixel: Haha, its a Murp! GET THEM!
  • UMM: Murrrrrrp (Flings shurikens from tail)
  • Major Nixel: WATCH IT!
  • UMM: Ahaha! (Walks over, grabs Major and throws him)
  • (UMM de-mixes)
  • Sweepz: We mixed it, and fixed it!
  • Aquad: Yeah!!
  • Busto: I got some Nixels!
  • Tiketz: Lets all celebrate with some...
  • All Mixels: COOKIRONIS!
  • (Mixels eat cookironis, episode ends)

Episode 3 - Diner Bonanza

  • (Episode begins aboard the Sea Dawg, with Lewt serving meals and Skulzy lurnking behind plants.)
  • Sharx: Welcome to ze' Sea Dawg Diner! I'm ye host, Sharx, and your waiter today l' be Lewt!
  • Lewt: H-h-how are you all today? Good? G-g-good!
  • Skulzy(Behind plants) Hehe, who to pickpocket first? Tungster? Or maybe Knave...What about That Guy?
  • Smol Glowkie: *Squeaks*
  • Skulzy: I got my victim...Ahehehehe!
  • [MEANWHILE...]
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