Mixels: Reloaded is a fanmade show, that reimagines the whole story of the franchise. 

Season 1

Title Number
The Infernites 1
Flain, Vulk and Zorch live a peaceful live, deep down under the earth, in the fire caves. However, everything changes when the Nixels start to attack, little black and white creatures, that try to destroy the Infernites. Forced to fight, the Mixels discover a new abbility that they never would have thought they had: They learn that they can fuse together, to become a strong warrior and scare the Nixels away. However, they follow the little creatures and discover a secret tunnel. 
The Tunnels 2
The Infernites decide to explore the newfound tunnel that they discovered and find out where the Nixels came from. However, soon after they enter the tunnels, the Nixels attack again, and the group has to split up. Unable to mix, everyone trys to find a way out, but get lost deeper in the tunnel system. It all seems lost, until Vulk meets a Mixel, who introduces himself as Krader. With Kraders help, the Infernites are able to find a way out of the tunnels and discover the Cragster Village, at the foot of a vulcano. 
The meeting of the Tribes 3
After Krader led the Infernites to the Cragster Village, the two tribes start to get to know each other, in three seperate storys. While Krader explains to Flain everything they know about the world they live in, Vulk and Seismo discover that they are able to mix with each other, and not just their Tribe-Members. In the mean time, Shuff and Zorch try to fight a group of Nixels off, that emerges from the tunnels. In the end, the Infernites try to Max, but are unable to. However, the Cragsters take over, and defeat the Nixels with their Max. 
Exploration of the Valley 4
Shuff tells Zorch that he never explored the Valley the Mixels live in before. Zorch, eager to test out how fast he can run, suggests that they could explore it together. Shuff agrees and the two start to explore the wildlife and plants of the Valley. After a few hours Zorch gets bored with the woods and wants to climb over the mountains, to find out whats outside of the valley. However, they quickly find out that they are not able to do that. Disappointed, the two head back to the village. Neither of them notices the three mysterious figures that are following them. 
Strange watchers 5
When Krader and Vulk follow a rocky path up a mountain to find a special mineral that Flain needs for his experiments, they get stopped by a big yellow beast that attacks them. They try to fight it, but even when mixed, they dont stand a chance against it. Luckily they are able to escape the creature and get back to the Cragster Village. The tribes decide that they are going to check out, what this beast was. However, they quickly get captured by the creature, which turns out to be a new Mixel Tribe, called the Electroids. Flain explains the whole situation to them, and the Mixels get freed again. The Electroids tell them that they have been watching them since they came into the valley, because they thought that they were a new kind of Nixel. After that, they lead the group to their laboratorys and give Flain the mineral he needs. 
The wild Nixels  6
Volectro and Seismo are shocked, when they find a wild tribe of Nixels, living in the woods. After some mistrust, they quickly learn that these Nixels have noting to do with the Nixels that are attacking the Nixels. The Tribe explains that they left the Nixel army, because they didnt agree with their goals and methods of archieving them. Volectro and Seismo take the Nixels to the other Mixels, and try to explain the situation to them. However, noone listens to them and the Nixels get chased out of the village. But when the army attacks, the wild tribe members are the only ones who can save the Mixels. After they defeat the Nixels, the Mixels agree to let them stay in their village. 
Attack of the Max 7
Murpedemic 8
The Nixel Fortress (Part 1) 9
The Nixel Leader (Part 2) 10
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