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This is episode 4 in my Series! Enjoy!


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Act I

  • (Mixels are having a Cubit Party)
  • Flain: Im your host, Flain, whos ready to PARRRTTTYYYYY!
  • Series 1-2 Mixels: WOOOHOOOOO!
  • Major Nixel:(Scene skips to Nixel transport cloud) Alright Nixels! This is it! Take all the cubits and color!
  • Flain: Who ate the Hamlogna sandwich-
  • Zaptor: Yummy! ZZZZZT! I did! hehehe!(Teslo and Volectro hear, give him dirty looks)
  • Major Nixel:(Sets pipe down, sucks all cubits and color, exept for 6 Cubits)
  • Flain: WHAT! Nixels! They, The-They!
  • Gobba: They took our color and fun.
  • Kraw: This is a disaster!
  • Flain: I need each tribe leader to come with me to bring back mixing.
  • Krader: Here.
  • Kraw: Here.
  • Gobba: Here.
  • Teslo: Here.
  • Flurr: Here.
  • Flain: Gobba mix with me.
  • Flain and Gobba: Mix!
  • Flain/Gobba Mix: Krader, Mix with Kraw.
  • Kraw and Krader: Mix!
  • Kraw and Krader mix: Teslo, mix with Flurr.
  • Flurr and Teslo: Mix!
  • Flain/Gobba Mix: Move on! To save mixel land!
  • Mixes: To save Mixel land!
  • Zaptor: Do youZZZZZT think they will come back safe?
  • Balk: Only time will tell....

Act II

  • Flain/Gobba Mix: Here we go....
  • Teslo/Flurr Mix: I cant belive the Major!
  • Krader/Kraw Mix: I know! Wheres all the color? The land is black and white.
  • Teslo/Flurr Mix: Whats that sound?(Hears 2 Tribes playing and saying jokes)
  • Flain:/Gobba Mix: Hey! Its Coming from Mixel park! The only place that still has color!
  • Glomp: And he said, take a slime!
  • Footi: Hahahahaa! Good one!
  • Scorpi: Awww!
  • Teslo: Hey guys!
  • Glomp: Hey Teslo!
  • Glurt: Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!
  • Scorpi: HAAAH!
  • Flain: The Nixels took color away from every land exept this park!
  • Major Nixel: For now....HAHAHAHAHAHA!(Sucks up color)
  • Torts: I guess you spoke too soon!
  • Flain: NIXELS!
  • Footi: I'll take care of this! Torts, over here!
  • Torts and Footi: MIX!
  • Torts/Footi Mix: That got rid of them!
  • Gobba: It sure did!
  • Glurt: Scorpi, Mix. Cubit!
  • Glurt and Scorpi: Murp!
  • Glurt/Scorpi Murp: Hahahaha! Murp! Murp!
  • Flurr: Glurt!
  • Glomp: Scorpi!
  • Teslo: They made a MURP!


  • Coming Tonmorow!