This episode is a fanmade episode by Hyperealistic Gaben, and it does not really exsist.

Cast of characters

  • Mesmo
  • Magnifo
  • Wizwuz
  • Teslo
  • Volectro
  • Flain
  • Hoogi
  • Tentro


Flain: Okay guys! Mesmo's birthday party has to be a great moment, so be prepared!

Volectro: I got the afro!

Hoogi: I wrapped the presents!

[The Mixels go into the Magic Tent]

Mesmo: Yippe. another fail.

[Tentro slaps Mesmo in the face]

Tentro: HEY! We're gonna make this the best birthday party you've ever seen!

Magnifo: Hello, my friends! I shall make this the most magical birthday party my brother has ever enjoyed in his amazing life!

Magnifo: Now where did that other wand go? Oh! Heh heh, i'm just planning things out!

[Volectro and Hoogi appear]

Clown Volectro: Ha ha! Hey Clowngi! [Brings out Cubit] Wanna see this nice jewel I have?

Clown Hoogi: Yeah! [Grabs Cubit]


Hoogi/Volectro murp: Murp, Murp!

[Murp gets cut by electric static]

Mesmo: Okay, that was a bit funny.

Clown Volectro: I need help with fixing this paper!

Clown Hoogi: Okay! [Rips paper]

Mesmo: I don't get magic anymore.

Flain: Time for presents!

[Mesmo opens up present]

Mesmo: Cool! A magic wand!

Magnifo: HEY! That's my wand! So that's where it was!

Mesmo: Aww.

Magnifo: Time for the greatest part of it all!

Wizwuz: Yeah!

Magnifo: Time for the amazing magic show!


Magnifo: I was about to.

[Teslo mixes with Wizwuz]


Teslo/Wizwuz mix: Yeahah!

[Creates fireworks with tail]

Mesmo: WHAAAT? This... Is... BEAUTIFUL! Thank you guys so much!

The others: You're welcome! Anytime!

Mesmo: This truly is the best birthday party ever!

THE END [Screen disappears by magic]

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