C'mon! I have a witness!
— Magnifico

Max Duel! is the first episode of my fan made series.


Magnifico and the Wiztastics tries to convince the other Mixels to come to his magic show (as usual), but aren't convinced. Then Seismo gets the idea of a Max contest, and they do battle!


Part 1

  • The Series 1 and 2 Mixels are at Mixel Park, having a dance party.*
  • Teslo: Maybe we won't get interrupted by those Wiz-zzzzzzz-tastics guys again-
  • Magnifico: Hey guys! We're back with a BRAND NEW magic show!
  • Teslo: I s-zzzzzzzzz-tand corrected.
  • Flain: Dude, we're not attending your next show.
  • Magnifico: Are you SURE?
  • Flain: Yeah.
  • Magnifico: Are you SURE you're SURE?
  • Flain: Yes...
  • Magnifico: Are you SURE your SURE yo-
  • Everyone: YES!
  • Magnifico: C'mon guys! I have a witness! *points to Vulk*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Slumbo: zzzzzz...
  • Magnifico: Well... Well I bet our Max is more spectacular than ALL of yours combined!
  • Balk: Mhm, yeah.
  • Seismo: Wait... that's it! We have contest to see who Max best!
  • Gobba: Hm... crazy but it just might work! I like it!
  • Teslo: I'm not s-zzzzzzzzz-ure there are enough Cubits to go around.
  • Magnifico: *Is juggling rainbow cubits* Hm?
  • Teslo: Impres-zzzzzz-ive...
  • Everyone: MAX!

Part 2

  • Coming Soon
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