Flurr civil war is a special event in Mixels


When Teslo died by the nixels, the politics of the mixels worsens doing a big war


  • Infernites
  • Cragsters
  • Electroids (Teslo no)
  • Frosticons (except Lunk)
  • Fang gang
  • Flexers
  • Glorp corp
  • Spikels
  • Wistastics
  • Cousins infernites
  • Glowkies
  • Orbitons
  • Klinkers
  • Cousin Frosticons
  • Lixers
  • Weldos
  • Cousin Glorp corp
  • Munchos
  • Kuffs (They no appear in the war)
  • Tiketz (They no appear in the war)
  • Busto (They no appear in the war)


Act 1

Teslo is running in mixel land but accidentally fall and found the nixels after the nixels attack to teslo and died after burnard found teslo die.

Burnard: why teslo why?

Burnard: (Crying)

Act 2

the mixels have problems are arguing and fighting over the death of Teslo

Kuffs: poor teslo he died by the nixels

Krader: now attack the nixel

Busto: no with need something to have control of all mixels to protect of the nixels

Flurr: Its a joke?

Flurr: This is not freedom is fear

Flain: But how do you think protect all mixels?

Flurr: well.....

Zaptor: We need freedom!!!!!!

Kuffs: Silence

Rokit: We need peace, not nixels

Kuffs: I said silence!!!

Kuffs: Okey we need the registration of all the mixels

Zorch: Yes

Flurr: But the mixels don't want control!!!!

Zorch: Shut up Flurr!!!!

Kuffs: SILENCE....Tomorrow we decide but now.....we finished

Dribbal: Oh no

Act 3

Kindom Frosticon

Slumbo: Hey Flurr!

Flurr: Hi

Slumbo: Why you are sad?

Flurr: Because the police decide the registration of all mixels

Slumbo: I can help you because I don't like the registration

Slumbo: Umm.....

Slumbo: Where is Lunk?

Flurr: He want to finish all nixels

Slumbo: Okey but we need more mixels

Flurr: Yes we need mixels who doesn't like the registration

Slumbo: IAm going to call mixels who doesn't like the registration

Act 4

In Mixel land

Flurr: Okey friends I call you because we need to stop the registration of all the mixels

Flurr: This is not Freedom

Mesmo: Yes is not freedom

Footi: Yeah!

Flurr: Now is time....

Flain: Stop Flurr!!!

Flurr: Flain?

Flain: Yes and you cant stop the registration

Kamzo: We need the registration

Flurr: NO

Flurr hit Flain

Flain: STOP!!!

Flurr: NO

Flain figth with Flurr and another mixels figth too

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