The Creative Corner is a special page for posting creative works, whether it be digital artwork, drawings, funny pictures, your own LEGO creations, stories, or something else. Anyone can add some, and if you want to add some, have (rad) fun! Please remember to put your image(s)/text in the right section.

How do I add an image?
You can simply add images by either:

  • Using the editing mode, and adding the image to the bottom of the gallery.


  • Clicking the "Add a photo to this gallery" button on the bottom of the gallery, and picking the image you'd like to add.


My Mixel ;)


MOCs (My Own Creation)

Funny Pictures


To add fan fiction or a fake episode here, make a separate page, like so:

[[Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/NAME OF STORY HERE|NAME OF STORY]]

Once you do that, put the link here and bullet it using an asterisk. Also enter a dash (-), then "Done by (your username)", and a short description of it. Let your writing talent be unleashed!

Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/The Colors Of Protection Done by LexTheCoolRaichu133 - King Nixel plans on destroying Planet Mixel, and it's up to the Mixels to save their home planet.

  • Mixels:Calling All Mixels Special - 31 Minute Special, When The Mixels are holding a party at Mixel Park, Flain goes to get a drink, but when Major Nixel and the Nixels suck up all the Mixels exept Flain and place them in safes, Flain must rescue them!
  • Tentro Tug-of-War: a short story by Supercoco142
  • Burn-Art-Murp-Art - When Burnard and Globert are taking Art Class, they must Mix to draw, but they Murp.....
  • Stellar Situation - When Major Nixel is plotting to destory the Mixel Moon, Nurp Naut, Rokit and Niksput must save the day!
  • Photocopying Murp - When Teslo and Zorch Murp, the Murp finds a photocopyer that creates more Murps! Who will stop this Messy Murpy Mess?!