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MOCs (My Own Creation)

Funny Pictures

<gallery navigation="true" captionposition="within" captionalign="center" captionsize="small" bordercolor="#8e8e8e" captiontextcolor="#000000" widths="196" bordersize="small"> Creative Cormer Gif!Image.jpg|FREEZE! in the name of the Polic-Troids! Don't Want to Know.jpg|You REALLY don't want to know. HB07639FE.jpg HB932420A.jpg H100D1382.jpg|link=Murp Highvoltage.jpg LOOOOOOL.jpg|Who drew this, a five year old? HA309F903.jpg Lol.jpg HWf8Gpq.jpg|Every time I hear the words macaroni or cookie, I be like... Angrymixels.jpg Msss.PNG|No one can tell the difference Nix nix.png|Is a Nixel supposed to look like that?|link=Nixel 66640859.jpg Img160x210 mixels.png|FLAIN IS DIZZY|link=Flain Wat by ender spark-d7bub77.png Gobba Meme.jpg Unknown.jpeg Ydhgd.PNG|Dude.. Seriously?! Fangmeme.jpg|I think we should run before they pelt us with bullet shaped logs Explore top 861x326.jpg|Is it just me, or is it REALLY cramped in here? Murp.jpg|Who lives in a volcano under the sea? CRAGBOB MURPANTS Zombieapocalyspe.jpg Zombieapocalypse2.png.jpg Zombieapocalypse3.jpg NIX.png|Too Many. McDonalds.jpg|Interesting... Chomly Meme.jpg MixelsCanBeEscape.jpg Nixel Cookironi.jpg|HE HAS COOKIRONIS?!?!?!?!?!? Coconapple Mixels Tout wCN 199x132.png|CAN'T REACH IT! Shuff The Great.png|Shuff the Great! HEHEHE.JPG|Flain knows where you live Mixdontmurp.jpg FunnyPhoto1.jpg|MovieMakers thats making lol H7E40A11E.jpg Lunk what are you doing.PNG|Frostiderps Chomly awesome.jpg|Chomly needs to take pills...or he'll eat you THEM VS HIM!.jpg|FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Flain Ow.png J.PNG|Stop! you stuipid Electriods make a lot of noise! therefore... NixelsEp2.jpg|Nixelonio! You better leave your father alone while he's having beer with Uncle Seismo! Another Nixel.jpg|GWAH! I'M BALD! Oh my mix.png|The many mixes of Kraw and Gobba. Mesmomeme.jpg|What? Shoopdawizwuz.jpg|IMMA FIRIN MAH POTION Scorpiface.jpg|Does it? Batman mesmo.png|what if mesmo was batman...things would happen Swag.png|Do you feel me? Torts funny1.jpg Stop.jpg|STAHP EATING H0CCD4129.jpg Shuffgotit.jpg UpsetZaptor.jpg 52405135.jpg 52420523.jpg ZaptorMeme.jpg Shuffcan'tgetup.jpg Kradercan'tmix.jpg FIGHT.jpg|Who will win? 35364536.jpg|The true definition of a Murp I searched Cookironi and this popped up.png|How did the Cookie Monster show up when I looked up Cookironi? ChomlyAngry.png|AWWWWWW BUT I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!! Kraw in a Glass Jar.jpg|Well we all have to get trapped in a jar filled with legos! ScorpiMesmoLEGO.jpg|You're a wizard Scorpi! I'm a what? Mixel totem .png|gobba : sorry guys the others : gobba after this we smash you Dat volectro tho.png|FIST BUMP! B9lb1.jpg 0adfc224-198c-4253-b13a-c626c8c21f3f.jpg|I just couldn't resist when I saw this. MemeCenter 1408544173497 642.jpg Glurt+Scorpi.jpg YATATA.PNG|Everyone left the magic show before it started. Mesmoisnothappy.jpg|I hate my birthday. GC Meme.jpg Magnifo is dead now.PNG|WizWuz you killed Magnifo! Arrest Him!!!! Scorpi, don't look at me like that.jpg|Scorpi... Don't look at me that way... Jolly good show?.jpg|WHERE ARE THE CHIPS!!!!! NEX.jpg|I TOOK THE BOOTS!!! MoreNixels.jpg|Nixels in a nutshell Stupid-Shuff.jpg|NOOO SCORPI IS CUTER THAN ME!! Seismo body parts assset.png|Seismo is so shy his body disappeared See-what-i-did-there o 3745001.jpg|This Mix reminds me of darth vader. See what i did there? huh? WEIRD SLUMBO.png|This isn't a normal stature for Slumbo. Hi Jawgy Wawgy!.jpg|Derpy Jawg No-money o 3755513.jpg|That Reaction when you have no money. Zaptor Shock.png|'Zaptor if you zap yourself one more time you will die! That-reaction-when-somebody-hurts-you o 3758417.jpg|Who? Me? Mythoughtsonthisimage.jpg|When I saw this image, I immediately thought of a cheesy Shadow line. Hide!.png|THAT'S THE NIXELS CAVE AND HOW DARE YOU LET IN! Flain and Seismo hugging!.jpg|WE MUST SURVIVE AND NOT DIE NOW! HUGTIME.jpg|FREE HUGS! Majors Cupcakes.png|Order up. Happy leaders.png|THE LEADER SQUAD! Feslo.png|Dave Chapslo. Slobber.jpg|Eww. Forever-A-Vulk.png|When I saw the picture of Vulk in the audience, I started to feel sad :( Flurrappy.png|A Flurr\Happy mix Ridin'Dirty.png|Literal Riding dirty. TrollPhysics.png|Nixel Physics! Flain WHAAAAAAA!.jpg|WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!? Swall.png|I'm A Bird Lunk and Tentro.jpg|We will get der in ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i(Tentro.exe has stopped working) Bestpictureever.jpg|Let it go, let it go, freeze yourself let it go Best creation.jpg.jpg|It's time for you to die. Zorch farted.png|Dude, SKIP THE XL CHILI CHEESE DOG WTH HOT SAUCE NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayay!.png|yayay no school! Krader do 3 horns to glomp.png|krader you have big hands and 3 fingers you cant do for he 2 horns C1333.jpg Iron-seismo.png|Me Iron-Seismo, Me kick butt!!!! Wizwuz swag.png|Well if you did that again we would all be dead. Dat-OC.jpg|Shuff Used Substitute! Who like my new helmet.png|It was super effective! Lego Slumbo.png|No! Mailman7.jpg|Boulder walls stop Zorch stone cold? Really Seismo? KRAYDER.png|Seismo: OOOH look a snack bar! WINNER.png|I DIG-DIG TO CHINA!!! CAPTAIN ZORCH!!.png|ZORCH PAWWNNNNNNNCH!!!!!!!! Major Nixel Meme.PNG|Funny One! Nixel Seismo.png|Put me back in color WhoCaresIfHeDied.jpg|The life of a jellyflain. Cool Slumbo.png|Livin on a dream Slimeball.png|YAY! BUBBLES!!! Zorch Icon.png|The definition of Sonic The Hedgehog Breath.png|awful! 640px-That scared the chicken nuggets out of me!.png|DEMON SCORPI Unlit head and jet boosters.png|Cross eyed Zorch and Flain posing his neck. YO GOBBA GOBBA.png|YO GOBBA GOBBA! ImmaFirinMahZaptah.jpg|IMMA FIRIN MA LAYZA HamlognaCatch4.jpg|Give me the sandwich Pie.png|Cleverbot's Favorite Mixel (Pie) Mixel pary.jpg|Kraw Slumbo Flain Glomp Mesmo|link=Kraw slumbo flain glomp and mesmo Murp Title.png|link=M.U.R.P: Coming soon to theatres 121px-Seitor Sticker.png|Oh boy I can not wait until i trip over a single piece of sand! GetItAwayFromMe.jpg JangBricksWizwuz.png|Will you buy me? PLEASE!!! Keely Teslo.jpg|Keely Teslo (Keely Teslow from Phil of the Future's head on Teslo's body) 2Nixels2.png|I'M GONNA STRANGLE YOU Cierr.gif|hey sea's till in this! Cieoc.gif|what kind of rad fun? Cjhzt.gif Cji26.gif|rising from the dead Mixelsgoevil.png|They wanna kill someone.... i think LazySunday.PNG|Sooooo Lazyyyyy KRAW, RUUUN!.png|AHHHH!!! RUN FROM THE M.U.R.P.!!!! Screenshot2.png|EEHH I Don't want to ride the ride! Rly magnifo.png|I can't Decide this thing. MLG.JPG|*flips* and *falls* Nixels Mixels.jpg IMG 20141004 173507.jpg|Aw man! Too much ice cream from the party last night! Flain ups.png Icon Flain.png Flain ups.png|I GOTTA GO!!! HURRY!! Mixels my version.png|this is my version of mixels the girlsshines sweetmix 1412455269057.jpg|He dosent like your aditude. Screenshot 2014-10-05-07-37-21.png|Footi: EW! Dont do that! Torts: What if i did it to you? Mesmo: Discusting... Screenshot 2014-10-05-07-32-37.png|Torts: Hehe! Tried to tell ya! Mesmo: Try it on a nixel. Screenshot 2014-10-05-07-40-00.png|-all laugh- Nixel: YUCK! Glomp's reaction to Sonic and MLP porn.jpg|CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. Screenshot 2014-10-05-13-47-00.png|Flurr/Chomly mix: (Flurr's voice) Hoogi, next time, do your job and do it right! Sitting there like an idiot is different than protecting a giant cubit from nixels. BALLOONATAHORSE.png|I'm a cute little donkey! Meow! Scorpi meme.jpg|You know it's true Wiztastics meme.jpg|Seriously Binding of Murps.png|The Binding of Murps 3159808.jpg|Seriously, stay away from this thing.|link=Murp_killer.png Cs1n6.gif|Very much|link=Glurt_is_disgusted.gif Scorpigreeting.png|look into scorpis eyes Nixel SquarePants.png|NIXEL SQUAREPANTS! Coconapple.jpg|Seismo X Zorch instead of Flain. You..jpg|You! Yeah You! Neveranyuglier.PNG|I guess Jangbricks decided to make murps uglier. Kraw's black part under his mouth missing in the 2nd time.png|PUT THE KRAW DOWN NOW!!!! 20141026 123054.jpg|Oops! I didnt mean to blow up earth! Who.jpg|Hi? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.PNG|Volectro! Don't yell at your delicious snacks! 20141028 195818.jpg|The terrible drawing of torts Murping with chomly.jpg|ITS SCARING TIME! Isee.PNG|So thats how you play my game? TESLO! WHAT THE HECK!.PNG|Teslo, look at me! that pose makes u ugly Iseeyou.PNG|Footi, what are you doing? Whattheheck2.PNG|Hi! Im footi, and im a weirdo! O.jpg|Did I seriously do that? Screenshot 2014-11-07-06-47-11.png|Party not in color Screenshot 2014-11-07-06-43-22.png|Totem: Hi gobba! Thanks for creating me! Screenshot 2014-11-07-06-42-45.png|Present from Zaptor Screenshot 2014-11-09-09-16-39.png|Did he just shove all of those Hamlogna sandwiches into that machine? Screenshot 2014-11-09-09-18-51.png|What the heck are those cragsters doing? Screenshot 2014-11-09-09-19-05.png|Seismo: Wait for me! Time to Sneak!.png|Gotta avoid the cubit gotta avoid the cubit! Webcam-toy-photo31.jpg|The terrible drawing of Chomly 8 bit nurp naut.png|the nixels ate nurp naut's transmission from space Vacuum.png|FLAIN WATCH OUT FOR THAT- ...Too late.. 20141111 152434.jpg|No nose 1 missing tooth no body 212px-Firebreather.png|YEAH! LETS BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND! Screenshot 2014-11-30-12-09-29.png|Did that pig just break Major Nkxel's glass underwear? Niksput (close enough).png|I am looking at you planet earth! Hahahahahahahah! Sorry Leader.PNG|*Sarcasm* The creative corner is filled with funny pics. OMG Flain is in SSB4.png|Flain's in SSB4! The Swimsters.png|The Swimsters The Spiderians.png|The Spiderians DARP.png|Aw great! Now we gotta find another murp! SHAFTOR IS A GHOST.PNG|Ghost Murp Mix mirror.PNG|Mirror Exclamation Flain.png|Exclamation Point "!" Vulk Punch!.png|Vulk use Focus Punch! Double Exclamation.png|Double Exclamation Point! "!" IMMA FIREIN MAH LAZER!.png|IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER! Drazor Angry Vector.png|HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT MY YUGIOH REFRENCES?! Count Chocula.png|Count Vampula LoFootiwhy?l.PNG|Footi deflated the Patriots' footballs. 8423847584375783458734875 n.jpg|NEED NEWS... THUMB ALIVE.jpg|What's been seen... cannot be unseen. Mailman32.jpg|I buy Flain now! It's the rokit!.png|ROKIT! OMG CHALK LAND.png|Nurp-Naut! You do not belong in Chalk Land! Mixels meme 2.jpg Mixels Spongebob Meme.jpg Angry birds vs. mixels.jpg Predashenron.png|I am lord and eternal dragon. I will grant your wish. FlainUpset.gif|DID YOU USE THE INFERNITE/CRAGSTER CUBIT, ZORCH AND SHUFF? YUSORICHNOWZORCH.png|Zorch was the reason why Detroit went broke. The best I can get of Kamzo.png|Wait! wait! i have a bus token! Dont leave! Bal-Fox.png|Vaka-Waka in a nutshell ZaptorHasFoundAHamlognaSandwich.jpg|No way, Zaptor! MagnifoAnd3DS.jpg|I let Magnifo play my 3DS. He's having fun so far! Terribleflainbymatau.png|The baddest and most terrible Flain picture Ever. Hail Hydribbal.jpg ThisIsHype.jpg MELTUS BROKE.PNG|This is what happens if you try to eat a boulder Pls.PNG|OUR CRATER-TOTS, STOP EATING THEM! Orbitons fail demotivational.jpeg IMG 20150321 203902.jpg|Aw man, thats just gross! Myfirstfunnypistures.png|I'm gonna squeeze your blood until you die.. DetroitCityLimit.png|"DETROIT CITY LIMIT," into a pothole we go. Jeh33.gif|Zaptor hate nixels MeltusNiksputMix3.jpg MeltusNiksputMix1.jpg MeltusNiksputMix2.jpg 0960.png TechnoSpugg.png|A recoloured image of Spugg with cutesy eyes!!! I use this as my own profile picture for Wikia. Original Spugg render was acquired from the Spugg page. Credit goes to MixelsFloras. Floating Chair.png|I'm sitting on invisible chair while tanning on an explosion! HOLY SH1T.png|OH CRAP! IT`S THE DEVIL`S NUMBER! Nixel meem.jpeg Valectou.png|vulectru iz cuming to gat u 41511 Flurr Front Page.png|What happened to me? I did this because I was bored.png Red back.png|Frosticon Flain and Flain Red front.png|Frostcon Flain and Flain 2 Handsome Flamzer.png Can't Believe It.png|I can't believe it! Cue Thug Life music.png|Thug Life everybody.....Thug Life. ERUPT.png|Erupt! Image.jpg|Flamzer Ama firin ma lazer.png|vakka-lazza Falin and meltus mix.png|''Internal link'''''Bold text''' this is one of the dumbest things i have ever drawn, but when i'm board, i draw some pretty stpid things DINNER Nixel.png|Those Mixels shall now taste the wrath of my DINNER BLASTER!!!! Dinkleberg Snoof.jpg|Daran Norris character references everywhere I am Nixels.png Big big rainbow cubit top mixel moutin.png|big big rainbow cubit top mixel moutain we HIT rainbow cubit, rainbow cubit rain boootiful colors and cubits!ig big rainbow cubit save mixel land, BIG BIG TIME! lolz krader My drawing of Vaka-Waka.png|Drew Vaka-Waka in pencil Magicsulphicolor.png|Sulphira doing a magic trick You'll never take me alive!.png|*Trumpet Sounds* Gobba is crzy.jpg|CMON BABY DO THE GOBBA|link=diaper rashes Snoof plz.....png|If Snoof was in I'm an Albatraoz...... Deal with it Kuffs.jpeg Poorly drawn tiketz at a something miles.png Tiny tapy.png Sup ppls.png Spikel cousin.PNG|Leaked shadow of a member of the Spikel cousins. Neverending shame.png|Meltus with a bazooka Sin.png|Tumblr gives u so many ideas T24c3.jpg MN Reaction.png|Oh dear... Mykeamericagreatagain.jpg 72488434.jpg Krammmeme.jpg Wuzzomeme.jpg 72486894.jpg IMG 0404.jpg|#PhotoBombed IMG 0403.jpg|Scor is chillin What happened to you.PNG|STAHP STARING. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE 999 EDITS!!!!!.PNG|I guess i reached 1000 edits! Sneezy Meltus..PNG|Melt-Yee. WIN 20170215 17 59 17 Pro LI.jpg|Strap-WiRo (fanmade Mixel from the Goo-Goo-la tribe)|link=GooGoo-la Tribe Frostier Official Photo.png|Frostier IT'S A MIX!!!!.jpg|YOU DID WHAT!!!??? Nixel: Yeah, I ate your cookies. PicsArt 05-23-12.20.55.jpg|NURP WANT CRATER-TOTS NOW!!!!! PicsArt 05-23-10.24.32.jpg|Crater Tot eating contest nurp vs wizwuz GO! 20170524 123748.jpg|I saw this on YouTube and decided to make this a meme Ahhhhhhh....jpg|OPEN WIDE! 1rurxx.jpg Mesmo-of the Wiztastics- ninja squad.jpg|Here you go only one more and that's Wizwuz|link=Creative Flain look at the Mix.jpg|Flain: is that you as a mix? Shuff and Teslo Mix: (shuff's voice) Yes.|link=Mix/gallery, Flain/Gallery, Shuff/gallery, Teslo/gallery, Lego background/Gallery The Weldos OCs So Far.png|Some Weldos MOCS By XP1andPruton 41549 GURGGLE 41550 SLUSHO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg|Congratulations! Your goo monkey and goo dragonfly have evolved into slime dog! PicsArt 11-23-07.48.31.png|Just a picture of the MCPD Max holding some crater tots and some Rokit Sauce PicsArt 11-25-11.22.21.png|Mr. Flain, Me no feel so good. 83509F82-493F-4AAD-B5DE-426A55A24C4D.png|NO KPOP OR ELSE KUFFS WILL SHOOT YOU 4B8E4E6C-706A-4458-BF26-9DCD8936E96E.png|It’s an incomplete tower look in the top right corner 3D78D529-2204-45E0-9F59-F811909DB510.png|Incomplete tower 44ofqc.jpg|Camsta wants to know everything 47yizm.jpg|Illegal Mixing Mixamajig657.png|Unjhy|link=Nummie KRaDoR.png|kRaDow want your soul IMG 4367.jpeg|Peeved M.C. [No Captions] Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.37.29 PM.png|Peeved M.C. Screen_Shot_2020-11-28_at_3.08.34_PM.png|ooaa



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Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/The Colors Of Protection Done by LexTheCoolRaichu133 - King Nixel plans on destroying Planet Mixel, and it's up to the Mixels to save their home planet.

  • Mixels:Calling All Mixels Special - 31 Minute Special, When The Mixels are holding a party at Mixel Park, Flain goes to get a drink, but when Major Nixel and the Nixels suck up all the Mixels exept Flain and place them in safes, Flain must rescue them!
  • Tentro Tug-of-War: a short story by Supercoco142
  • Burn-Art-Murp-Art - When Burnard and Globert are taking Art Class, they must Mix to draw, but they Murp.....
  • Stellar Situation - When Major Nixel is plotting to destory the Mixel Moon, Nurp Naut, Rokit and Niksput must save the day!
  • Photocopying Murp - When Teslo and Zorch Murp, the Murp finds a photocopyer that creates more Murps! Who will stop this Messy Murpy Mess?!

Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/mixels body swap!?-one day the mixels are having a dance party the nixels were up to something.....( made by mothrachloe)

  • Firo's MiXle Show - A revival of Mixels.


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WSKT/WMIX-TV  Done by MattWikia

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