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Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/The Colors Of Protection Done by LexTheCoolRaichu133 - King Nixel plans on destroying Planet Mixel, and it's up to the Mixels to save their home planet.

  • Mixels:Calling All Mixels Special - 31 Minute Special, When The Mixels are holding a party at Mixel Park, Flain goes to get a drink, but when Major Nixel and the Nixels suck up all the Mixels exept Flain and place them in safes, Flain must rescue them!
  • Tentro Tug-of-War: a short story by Supercoco142
  • Burn-Art-Murp-Art - When Burnard and Globert are taking Art Class, they must Mix to draw, but they Murp.....
  • Stellar Situation - When Major Nixel is plotting to destory the Mixel Moon, Nurp Naut, Rokit and Niksput must save the day!
  • Photocopying Murp - When Teslo and Zorch Murp, the Murp finds a photocopyer that creates more Murps! Who will stop this Messy Murpy Mess?!
  • Spabb Destructionst - When the Mixels Ultra Murp, see what happens!
  • Soccer - When Shuff, Seismo, Magnifo and Wizwuz are playing Soccer, the losing team will auto-Murp! Who will that team be? The Cragsters Team or the Wiztastics Team?
  • Scorchy Zorchy - When Zorch and Kraw are causing some firey and rubbery trouble, the Mixels have to stop them.
  • Not Called For - When Flain is hosting a festival, everyone Murps,execpt for one pair who will save the festival, or will they? - Done by Apocalypse455
  • Mixel Toss - When Gobba, Chomly, Footi, Flain and Slumbo want to play Log Toss, the Mixels Mix, but Flain and Slumbo Mix into a Murp and becomes the new Log until....
  • Bubble Trouble - Three Flyer friends are enjoying another beautiful day in Mixel Land until they find that their friend has been kidnapped and Nixed.
  • Blindfolded - The Mixels are playing a Game called Blindfold and Mix! Who will have the best Mix to earn the ultimate Prize?!
  • Double Trouble - Zorch and Chomly are causing some trouble at Mixel Park and Seismo and Slumbo must go after them! Made by Derekis
  • Spin the Cubit - Spin the cubit and MIX! And of course, find yourself dressed like a ballet dancer. Or something else bad, and if you're lucky, a good entertaining mix.
  • Hamlogna Craze When Zaptor and The Fang Gang eat the best tasting Hamlogna sandwich, they go crazy and eat all the Hamlogna Sandwiches in Mixel Land! Its up to Globert, Burnard and Scorpi to find a giant Hamlogna sadwich...
  • Mixels:Colorless Special - (My take on Mixed Up Special) - When Major Nixel takes away Cubits and color in Mixels land, its up to Flain and Friends to bring back color and Mixing!
  • Strange Electrician - When the Cragsters have a electricity problem, Krader and Volectro attempt to fix it but something goes wrong in the process...
  • Boredom
  • The Mixels Movie (on the BIG screen.) - Done by Sonicmasher - When the Nixels army takes over Mixels Land, it is up to the Mixels to save Mixels Land
  • Slime Dunnit:A Sticky Situation - When Glurt accidentaly throws up a ton of slime, it slimes Mixel Land! Who will clean?
  • NixAble - When Major and Muscle Nix find a rare Nixel cubit, they Mix to destory Mixels land! Will the Mixels stop this Nmix?
  • No Leaders - Done by ChillyFreeze - When all the tribe leaders get captured.. it is up to the non-leaders to fight the Nixels and rescue them!
  • Mixels:Magical Mishap Special - When Another suprise show by the Wiztastics come to town, Magnifo accidentaly casts a spell on Mesmo, Flurr, Kraw, Balk and Chomly and a Purple, Blue, Orange and Brown cubit is formed, and they touch it but make a super Murp. The murp goes destorying everything! What will Magnifo do?
  • Spikes, Slime and Magic Special - Done by Apocalypse455 - When General Nix and the Nixels go cubit hunting, its up to the Mixels to save the day after stealing a Rainbow Cubit.
  • Magnificent Magnifo - Done by MazzonG4637. Magnifo makes Zaptor's ultimate dream come true...
  • Stabbicus Major - Done by The Doctor Of Awesomeness. When Nixels invade Pointy Canyon, it's up to the Spikels to save it!
  • Escape from the Rubberlands - Done by Creepermanrules. *The Flexers must escape the Rubberlands before it's too late!
  • Man that Nixs Done by Lavaguy64. Flurr is really upset and the Mixels don't know why.
  • Rockball Wars - Done by Apocalypse455 - The Cragsters and Spikels compete in a game of Rockball, turning out to be a Rockball war, thus making Tentro have a plan to break it up!
  • The Murder Mystery Done by Creepermanrules, Davin.Rizuki, Shuff22238, and KinglerMaster.
  • Track and Field - When 4 Mixels attempt to run track, they mix, until one pair murps. The referee tries to find another pair to mix. Will they Murp or Mix? User:Apocalypse455
  • A Call For Adventure! - Not-so-long ago the 9 tribes that live in the Mixels Land lived completly isolated from each other. None of them knew each other, nor they knew about the cubits, the mixing, or even the Nixel. Until one day an adventurous mixel by the name of Flain set a foot outside his home... - Done by:Snail--day-and-night
  • The Search Done by Creepermanrules. When Scorpi goes missing Footi and Hoogi must find him!
  • Inside the Mind of a Mixel You've seen Mixels Land as a passerby, but how would it feel to see through the eyes of a Mixel? Done by StormDragon21
  • What if Mixels mixed with other cartoons? - All 9 Tribes work on a portal so other cartoons come to Mixel Land, and the cartoons find out they can mix with the Mixels. Made by, once again, Derekis!
  • MixelCraft -Done by Creepermanrules. What happens when Tentro builds a Nether Portal? A LOT of blocks!
  • Mesmo's Magical Suprise- Mesmo's birthday party is here, and the Mixels have to make it a blast! but things soon go wrong! Made by Hyperealistic Gaben.
  • Invader Mixels- Done by Invaderkez888. What will happen when the Invader Zim gang are sent to Mixels Land?
  • Only Murps- Who will Wizwuz Mix with for the upcoming magic show? Done by FlurrFood24.
  • No Treats- Once Jawg notices that there is no more dog treats in his bowl, it's up to Chomly and Gobba to find some! Done by FlurrFood24.
  • The Hamlogna Club- The Electroids invite some Mixels who like Hamlogna Sandwiches to their Hamlogna Club, but one invitation was sent to the wrong place, which was the Spiky Desert. Will everything be good, or will this be complete chaos? Done by FlurrFood24.
  • Slimeball - The Glorp Corp get bored until.... Done by FlurrFood24.
  • Footi VS Seismo Done by Creepermarules: Footi and Seismo compete to see who's the best!
  • Mixels Reunitation - Done by KinglerMaster. A new series of Mixels is coming, so check things out!
  • Huggie Huggie - Hoogi wants to hug the others, but he just keeps hurting them.
  • Saving Seismo - Flain and Tentro have to mix to save Seismo from falling down a waterfall.
  • Tenkai Mixels - Guren Nash finds a rainbow cubit in his room that takes him and his friends to the Mixel world. There, they meet Flain, Flurr, Teslo, Krader, Magnifo and other Mixels and they learn that they are the only humans to mix, max, and murp with them! Done by MaeManuel1
  • The Cloning Machine - Kraw and Teslo make a cloning machine and Footi tries it out but some thing terrible happens! Done by Zelta mega
  • Max Duel! - The Mixels have a contest to see who will be the last Max standing! done by Matoroavak2006
  • Race Time - It's time for a Race, but will they actually cross the finish when it gets nixed? by Joeman23
  • Invader Mixels - Zim finds a cubit in his base, the cubit led a portal to Mixels Land. What will the Invader Zim gang do? Done by Invaderkez888
  • Zorch X Rainbow Dash- Zorch and Rainbow Dash fall in love with eachother. Made by Hyperealistic Gaben.
  • The Big Slime Race -Rokit Finds the slime race and decides to join the sport. by Jonathan.menges
  • The Mixels Store -The Glorp corp finds out that someone stole their dog treats. what if meltus and the other infernites stole them? what if there was a mixel store?
  • Halloween
  • The biggest Magic Show ever! - The Wiztastics are ready for there biggest Magic Show ever but the Nixels try to ruin the show so the Wiztastics try to stop the Nixels from ruining the show. Made by sonicfangames1235wikia
  • Mixels: Reloaded - A reimagination of the Mixels story, created by Hero Fan .
  • Lunk's Quest - After Tentro was captured by creepers, Lunk must go on a quest to save him!
  • Murp On The Run - When Hoogi and Footi accidentally Murp with each other, its up to the other Series 1, 2, and 3 Mixels to stop them.
  • Mixels The Movie - When The Mixels World Is In Its End..... The Mixels Must Save The World. Made By JBWikia9000
  • Glowkies vs. Kraw - When Kraw and Slumbo look for something to do, Kraw goes in the Glowkie cave but, Lunk woke them up and they got a little help from the Wiztastics. By Boycat2004
  • Super Halftime Special - Done by MattDet. A sports-themed special that is partially inspired by You're in the Super Bowl Charlie Brown, intended to counterprogram against Super Bowl XLIX.
  • Miracle in Mixopolis - Done by MattDet. A Christmas special.
  • A Happy Mixel New Year - Done by MattDet. A New Year's-themed special.
  • Mixels (1961 TV series) - Done by MattDet. The first Mixels TV series, aired on ABC from 1961 to 1963 for three seasons, later partially inspired the old Batman TV series.
  • Mixels: Codename Special - Done by MattDet. A series of primetime Mixels specials that originally aired on CBS, Fox and The WB between 1988 and 2000.
  • The Mixels Show - Done by MattDet. The second Mixels TV series, aired on Fox Kids and later Kid's WB in three seasons in 1993, 1995 and 1998-99.
  • The Snoof Show - Done by MattDet. A spinoff of The Mixels Show featuring previously-aired segments of that show starring Snoof.
  • Mixels (1997 film) - Done by MattDet. A full-length feature film that was originally intended to end The Mixels Show.
  • Mixels: The Power of the Ultimate Max - Done by MattDet. A full-length feature film intended to close out the franchise.
  • Mixels: Les Séries - Done by MattDet. It actually already became a series in France...
  • Nurp's Playdate - Written by Green Ninja. Niksput and Rokit, much to Naut's horror, enlist Nurp as a playmate for a certain Spikel.
  • Boogly's Birthday - all of the Mixels (Including TFFK's OCs) are trying to have Boogly have the best birthday ever. Made by TheFrozenFrosticonsKings.
  • http://mixels.wikia.com/wiki/Mixels_Wiki:Creative_Corner/Mixel_Hero_6 - After Flain and Scorpi Fell In a Portal Headed to San Fransokyo,they met the Big Hero 6 Team,what Will the two Leaders Encounter in this Great adventure? - Made By MixelJacobo101.
  • The Time Capsule - Done by MattDet. It's 2025 and several Mixels find a cell phone time capsule with videos and pictures of the 2015 Mix Festival.
  • Ghoulies & Nixbots (Crossover Special) - Done by Ohmyheck. After Patrick Star (From SpongeBob) Falls Into a Portal To Planet Mixel, He Meets 3 Tribes, Like The Nixbots, The Ghoulies, And The Munchos Cousins.
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Chalk(episode) - When Cragsters and Gobba make totems and statues they need something to write their names under their statues. How to make it? (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Mix Triangles - When Volectro, Zorch and Seismo saw their cocconapples ended they find new thing on Mixel Land. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi )
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Teach Lessons - There's a special dance party on Spikels Land and Footi needs to teach Hoogi, Torts and Glomp how to dance. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi )
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/INSCOPRIAC - Scorpi has insomnia. Magnifo tries to help him. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi )
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Excavating - Volectro and Shuff are making digging contests and Vulk wants to join but burns all the ground. They need teachings. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Sleepovers - Some of the mixels make sleepover but Major Nixel catches some of 'em. Help! (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Non-Heads - The tallest of the mixels - Footi, Zaptor, Seismo, Glomp and Chomly lost their parts on the heads. (Written byUser:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Poisoned - Flain gets poisoned and his friends help him. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi )
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Wiztastic Fail - Footi helps the Wiztastics to make a great show. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Glorped Corporation - The Glorp Corp shows the Swamplands to Cragsters and Fang Gang. (Written byUser:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Spikels Land Nixels - After the Swamplands adventure it's time for Spiky Desert adventures. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Party Trouble 1 - The Mixels have party on the Sproingly Lands/Rubber Lands but a danger happens to them. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Party Trouble 2 - Since the party in the sproingly lands many of the Mixels are injured so the other Mixels help them heal easier. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Fire Inf-fusion - While Flain, Zorch, Vulk, Chomly, Kraw, Seismo, Slumbo and Flurr are invited to the Magma Wastelands Chomly hears fire spitting and he and Flurr are going to check it. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/WHAAAAAT?! MIXEL MOON! - Footi, Wizwuz and Glurt are sent by Mesmo to check is there any life in the Mixel Moon. They get in trouble while the Mixels try to send as many as they can help. (Written by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Heigharp - Spikels Mixel (and the tallest Mixel) (made by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Chalk - (Made by User:Jumpy G. Footi)
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Cor - (Made by User:Mixingitall)

Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/mixels body swap!?-one day the mixels are having a dance party the nixels were up to something.....( made by mothrachloe)

  • Mixels: The Movie, Mixing It Up A Notch - The Nixels have found the perfect way to exterminate the Mixels, destroying the Maximum Cubit which created them in the first place, when the Nixels attempt to attack the Mixels' homes, the Mixels will try anything to defend their world.
  • Mixels Wiki: Creative Corner/A Mix In The Right Direction - 6 Mixel tribes do various contests, however, King Nixel, had an evil plan to stop them
  • Mixels - Series of Madness
  • [Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Mixels - Bakery|Mixels - Bakery]]
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner/Trouble In Mixopolis
  • Mixels Wiki:Creative Corner: Knight And Day! The first episode of Mixels: MEGAMIX!
  • Firo's MiXle Show - A revival of Mixels.


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