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Mixels Unite was a fan-created game based on the Mixels franchise that was set to be released on Windows computers for free. The game's development came to a close on October 27, 2020.


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Mixels Unite was a fangame developed by a team of Mixels fans, that would have been a spiritual successor to both CAM, MR and the Mixels franchise as a whole.


Three years after the events of the I-Cubit scam, King Nixel manages to invade and take over Mixopolis with the help of a new power. With the Mixels scattered and Nixels causing havoc across Mixopolis, it's up to one small, monochrome Mixel to set out across Mixopolis to save the planet, take on the Nixel Armada, and unite all Mixel tribes.


It's been three long years since the King Nixel and his army of Nixel minions scammed all of Mixopolis and managed to take over the city, before being stopped by one heroic Mixel...

Times have changed, and despite the period of peace, unity is not something to be found amongst Mixel-kind.

But after King Nixel takes over the city once more thanks to a terrifying new power, one new, monochrome Mixel sets out to save the city, discover who he is, and unite all Mixels.[1]


Chapter 1

Shortly after the events of the I-Cubit Scam, the Mixels celebrate their victory as the Weldos tear down the I-Cubit Building, and life in Mixopolis goes on without the Nixel threat. Despite the period of peace, plenty of Mixels have grown apart and do not share the same close, Mixing bonds as before.

Three years later, King Nixel and only a small group of Nixels remain in their underground land. King Nixel has given up on fighting the Mixels and simply spends his days watching TV. One day, he comes across a commercial from Big Boxer Joe and is inspired to start scheming again. A single Rainbow Cubit is discovered among the Nixels' trash, and King Nixel is struck with a plan; reverse engineering a Cubit to allow for Nixels to Mix. The plan succeeds and the Negative Cubit is created, allowing for Nixels to Mix. Major Nixel finally returns to the Nixels, expecting the king to be angry at his absence but is shocked to find King Nixel overjoyed over Nixels Mixing. Major is disgusted by this, but keeps his feelings to himself. The Nixels begin using Ultimate Nixelators to clone their army back to size (all the while creating a new three-eared variant of Nixels) and plot to invade Mixopolis the next day with the power of their own Mixing.

The next day, the Mix Festival takes place on the third anniversary of the Mixels' triumph over the Nixels. Flain notices that several tribes are absent while giving a speech, leaving a sense of awkwardness in the air. He steps aside to allow for Booger to give a speech but the festival is interrupted by the sighting of Nixel forces outside of Mixopolis. The Mixels prepare to fend off the Nixel Armada and succeed at first, overwhelming the swarms of Nixels, but are taken aback by the Nixel Mixes that follow. The sheer amount of Mixes overwhelms even the strongest Maxes and the festival is taken over and almost all attendees are Nixed, becoming the center point of the Nixels' dominance over Mixopolis. The Nixels scatter across Mixopolis to take over the tribal districts as King Nixel begins coming up with ideas of what to do with the city in his grasp.

In the Infernites District of Mixopolis, a monochrome, cycloptic Mixel awakens, not knowing anything about who he is and where he is. He begins setting out only to run into a now Nixed Flain. The two do battle until a yellow cloud Mixel saves the monochrome Mixel and restores Flain's colors with a beam of light. The cloud Mixel introduces himself as Pippy, a messenger of the Maximum Mixel, sent to keep an eye on lost Mixels during the current crisis plaguing Mixopolis and to guide "the lost Mixel". Flain talks to the monochrome Mixel and discovers that he knows almost nothing. Based off of his colors, Flain gives him the nickname "M.C.", standing for "MonoChrome". The two set off to explore the district and find the Lava Lounge being held up by a large, bomb-esque Nixed Mixel.

M.C. forms his first Mix.

The two do battle with the Mixel, Mix to defeat him and Pippy restores his colors. The Mixel, Fuzer, announces that he did not want to be saved and storms out of the lounge. A news report comes on from a reporter flying overhead that a Nixed Vulk is melting a river of lava towards an Electroids power plant. Before leaving, a reporter Electroid named Save introduces himself, who offers to begin recording their adventure in his journal. Flain and M.C. set out to stop Vulk and manage to free him with the help of Pippy. M.C. notices a red Cubit shard and decides to hold onto it. After a brief reunion between Flain and Vulk, the group manages to uncover a taxi that was trapped under a rock pile. The taxi introduces himself as Tassy and offers to take the group to any place in Mixopolis they need on a whim as a token of gratitude.

The group investigates the sound of an explosion and finds the N-Mixel Armada, a group of Mixels sided with the Nixels led by the bomb-esque Mixel that was holding up the Lava Lounge; Fuzer. The five prepare to attack M.C.'s group, but Zorch appears and distracts them, leaving only Fuzer to battle against M.C., Flain and Vulk. The group defeats Fuzer and he storms off with an ominous threat. Zorch escapes chase and reunites with the group, finally unifying Flain's branch of Infernites. Flain notices the shard M.C. was holding onto and inspects it, noting that it appears too large to make up a regular Cubit. He realizes that Teslo would be able to research it and the group set out to the Electroids District to find his lab, discovering it to be overrun by Nixels and Nixed Mixels, including a Nixed Teslo. The group defeats the Nixels and frees the Mixels. Flain catches onto Pippy's disappearing act and demands answers of what his true nature is. This angers Pippy, but after noticing the reactions of the group, he decides that he will work with common Mixels and stop disappearing in order to save the planet. Teslo takes the group inside and examines the shard, concluding that it is not from an Infernite Cubit nor a Rainbow Cubit. News of a powerful Murp wrecking havoc in the underground of the district reaches the group, and they set out to stop it. The group find the Murp of an Electroid and a Frosticon, named Murphy, attempting to control Nixed Mixels using giant subwoofers. The group battles Murphy, but he manages to escape as the group notice a Nixel airship flying towards the Cragsters District, setting out after it.

In the Cragsters District, Big Boxer Joe leads a defense against Nixels. Major Nixel arrives and defeats the boxer, Nixing him. M.C.'s group arrives in the district and discovers a Cubit quarry to be overrun with Nixels and turned into a Negative Cubit factory. They traverse the factory and discover Major Nixel, doing battle with him. He is defeated, but calls for a Nixed Big Boxer Joe to back him up, fleeing as the group battles the Nixed boxer. After a hard battle, the group defeats the boxer and managed to restore him, finally reclaiming the Cragsters District. The group briefly celebrates taking back three of Mixopolis' districts.[2]

Unfinished story

Due to the game's chapter approach, fully fleshed out story for further chapters was never completed, although some major plot points were decided on. Chapter 4 would involve M.C.'s group going to the Mixel Moon and fighting Anglow. Chapter 5 would have involved the group adventuring inside an ancient temple in Lixer Land, and eventually M.C. discovering that Pippy is the Maximum Mixel. M.C.'s backstory would have also been revealed in this chapter, telling that he is an attempt to create a living Mixel weapon by Major Nixel, explaining his motivations to steal Cubits in Season 1. Chapter 6 would have involved the Nixel Armada splitting apart over the concept of Nixels Mixing, with Major Nixel and King Nixel leading two halves of the armada. King Nixel would have gradually become more obsessed with the concept of Nixel Mixes as the game progressed, eventually resulting in him donning a massive suit of armor. Towards the end of the game, Booger would be revealed as the sixth member of the N-Mixel Armada. The game's final chapter would have had King Nixel host a Nix Festival in the center of Mixopolis to celebrate the pending completion of his plan; Mix all Nixels and set out to not only Nix Planet Mixel, but further planets as well. In his insanity, King Nixel would have even Mixed with Big Boxer Joe in one penultimate attempt to crush the Mixels. Major Nixel would eventually side with King Nixel and join him and the entire Nixel Armada in creating the Naximum Nixel. M.C.'s collected Cubit shards would be used to create a maximum Cubit that would be used to Mix him and all 81 Mixels into an updated Ultra-Miximum Max to fight the Naximum Nixel. The Naximum Nixel would have been defeated and M.C. would have gained colors, although what colors were never decided on. A brief post-game quest to redeem the N-Mixel Armada would have taken place, and their backstories would have been revealed.


Mixels Unite's gameplay draws heavy inspiration from classic role-playing games such as EarthBound. The camera follows the main character, M.C., from overhead. M.C. is controlled using the directional keys and can move in eight directions. Various Mixels are found in locations on the overworld and can be interacted with and spoken to. Enemies, such as Nixels, are scattered around the overworld and activate a battle sequence when coming into contact with M.C. The battle system takes heavy inspiration from EarthBound, with your party of Mixels attacking the opponent in turns. A player can escape a battle, although this will cost them 7 Mucks, which act as the game's currency. If a player is defeated in a battle and their Mixels lose their health, they will be taken to the Game Over screen.

The battle system in action.

Unfinished concepts for the gameplay include a quest system, which could have hypothetically be unlocked by talking to NPCs. An idea for the quest system involved individual quests for each Mixel tailored to their personalities. A partially-finished aspect of the gameplay was the Main Hub, which is where the player would have been taken upon loading a save file. Here, a few NPCs could be interacted with, although Venny was the only one with functionality: allowing the player to view unlockables such as cutscenes and concept art. A settings building would have allowed the player to adjust game settings and the main theatre would have allowed them to enter the main game. A form of bestiary was planned to allow the player to view information about each of the main Mixels, as well as the NPCs they had encountered throughout the world.

Concept work of a suggested overhaul of the battle system.

The battle system was largely unfinished due to coding complications. Planned were special attacks for each Mixel akin to those of Calling All Mixels. Each Mixel was planned to be able to Mix with one another, although only specific Mixes were to have a battle portrait. Items were also planned for the system, allowing certain effects or health recovery.


The game was set to be released in nine chapters. Each chapter would have focused on a specific series of Mixels and their locations in Mixopolis. Chapters 1-3 were to include cousin members as playable characters, while Chapters 4-6 were to have more story focus to make up for less playable Mixels.


Development of Mixels Unite began on April 8, 2019 under the codename Mixels Project.[3] The game's Discord server was set up on April 9 and became the primary location for development. Members of the Mixels fan community were brought on to help develop the game, including programmers, artists, writers, and composers. Early concepts of the game were decided on, with ideas like the game being an online multiplayer game or an action platformer, the final decision being a role-playing game. Several ideas for the name of the project were suggested, such as A Grand Mixel Adventure before it was decided the project would continue under the name Mixels Unite.[4] A poll was set up to decide if the game should be 3D or 2D. On April 10, the first development build of the game was created.[5] On April 12, the first concept work of the main character was created, an idea that would stick throughout the entire life of the project.[6]

On September 22, 2019, an application form was opened for new people to join the development team after months of slow development. On November 28, 2019, a submission form was opened for users to submit their Mixels OCs as characters to potentially appear in the game. On December 6, 2019, the game's main theme, Unite, was composed.

On August 9, 2020, the game's development entered a hiatus[7], and on October 27, development came to a close. On December 13, the game's development chat was opened to the public in an archived state.


Despite its cancellation, the game's impact was felt greatly within the Mixels fandom. The original characters of the game have been seen in countless pieces of fanart, with M.C. becoming one of the most popular characters within the fan community. Following the cancellation, the assets of the game were left open for anyone to use, leading to other interpretations of the project being created.


  • The game would have featured all of the eighty-one main Mixels as playable characters, as well as M.C.
  • The game's soundtrack featured numerous remixes and recreations of past themes from various episodes and games.
    • For example, the game's main theme, Unite, is an orchestral remix of Season 1's main theme.
  • This game would have marked the introduction of various new characters, such as M.C., Pippy, Big Boxer Joe, Tassy, Save, Venny, Fuzer, Murphy, Anglow, Sour Poppa and Kabum.
  • This would have been the first time a Murp is shown to be unable to split, the Murp being Murphy.
  • This game would have introduced the N-Mixel Armada, a group of Mixels sided with the Nixels.
  • Various original characters created by people in the Mixels fandom were to be included in the game with permission as NPCs.
  • Numerous younger Mixels, such as Camillot and Mixadel, were to have updated designs to reflect the three-year time skip that occurs at the beginning of the game.
  • Various LEGO models were created for the game, all of which are fully replicable with existing LEGO elements.
    • Some models never received renders and/or instructions, including the N-Mixel Armada, Booger, Scrud, Blip, Zabo, a more show-accurate model of King Nixel, Venny, a Ship-Space, the Robo-Nixeloptor, Rupuntzel, the Maximum Mixel, the Naximum Nixel, and the Supreme Ultra-Miximum Max.


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