Mixels Main Title
(Season 1)
End of intro S1S2
Song by Kevin Manthei
Released February 6, 2014
May 12, 2014
August 18, 2014
Genre(s) Various
Length Various
Previous None
Next Coconapple CD Mix
LEGO® Mixels - Mix to the Max 2014

LEGO® Mixels - Mix to the Max 2014

Mixels Series 3 Intro Cartoon Network

Mixels Series 3 Intro Cartoon Network

The Mixels Main Title,[1] is a song that appears in many promotional materials for Mixels, and is the official theme song. It is an instrumental originally composed by Kevin Manthei, who also produced the entire score for the first season.

Many different variations of the tune have been heard, including high-pitched, low-pitched, remixed, and more. It played on the Cartoon Network website, and also can be heard in many official videos for the LEGO sets, as well as every episode of the series, in some form.


  • The opening titles with the music were finally included in the Mixed Up Special.
  • Some of the themes for the lands on the cartoon website are remixes of the original theme; the Farmlands have a country remix of it, for example.
  • Each new series in the first season added a short scene with each of the three new tribes that were introduced in the corresponding wave of toys, thus lengthening the titles a bit.
  • Footage from this version was used for The Wonderful World of Mixels.


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