Mixels End Credits
Credits background
Song by Kevin Manthei
Released August 31, 2014
Genre(s) Orchestra
Length 0:31
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Next None
Mixels - Mixed Up Special - Credits

Mixels - Mixed Up Special - Credits

Mixels End Credits[1] is the name applied to the ending theme for Season 1 made for the ending credits, composed by Kevin Manthei. It is used in the Movie and Mixed Up Special.


  • There is no Season 2 variant of this due to each episode in the season having their own unique credits music. However, a BMI Repertoire search still exists for Kiara Geller's versions of the songs.[2]
  • It is also used in the commercial for the first series of LEGO sets and an ad-break bumper for Mixed Up Special.


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Season 1

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Season 2

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