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Mixels is a LEGO theme introduced in March 2014, as the main toy merchandise for the franchise. The sets consist of different brick-built creatures.

Mixels Logo

The logo for the theme.

List of sets


February/March Wave


The first wave of Mixels sets.

May/June Wave

Series 2 Bags

The second wave of Mixels Sets.

August/September Wave

Mixels Series 3 Bags

The third wave of Mixels Sets.


February Wave


  • The Mixels have micro-sized ball-joints that are compatible with the old Technic towball piece. These were also seen on the Legends of Chima Legend Beasts.
  • Three sets in each series include a Nixel (one from each tribe).
  • One of the main selling points for the theme is to collect three of a tribe to make Max Mixels out of LEGO, and also to make your own mixes.
  • Mixels packaging has a small transparent window to let the buyer take a sneak peek at the pieces included in the set.
    • Their packaging is also similar to the packaging to some of the much smaller LEGO Friends sets (animal collectible packs).
    • Their packaging also shows what the Mixels look like in their cartoon form in the top right corner. As the packaging shows the cartoon version, behind them is a burst of what element they are. (Ex: A Glorp Corp member would have gooey/boogery stuff behind it)
    • The packaging also shows a Mixel doing some pose in front of the Mixels Land.
  • Each set sells for $4.99 in the USA, making the Mixels theme one of the cheapest on sale in LEGO's portfolio of lines, and one of the best in terms of price-per-piece ratios.
    • However, in most stores, the prices vary.
  • This is the one of the only LEGO themes to have sets without minifigures.
    • However, the theme still uses elements from the minifigures, as some Mixels have eyes that are made with specially painted minifigure heads and use headgear as eyelids.
  • All of the sets include rare pieces in rare colors.
  • In 2014, Mixels won in the Pocket Money category at the London Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards.
  • The theme is set to continue into 2015 and beyond, with future releases of new series.[1]
  • The first time LEGO Mixels was advertised on a different website was on a popular kids game called Poptropica. They included three types of costumes based off of the three main Mixels. You could dress up as Flain, Krader, and Volectro.
  • Each set includes an in-booklet code to unlock a new power for the set's respective character and gain a small amount of Cubits in the Calling All Mixels app game.
  • The first three waves had polybags with rings around the Mixel's image.
    • Apparently, the bags are going to change at the release of Series 4, with new-style artwork and bags with striped light-style patterns.



Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


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