Mixels was a LEGO theme that ran from March 2014 to October 2016, as the main toy merchandise for the Mixels franchise. The sets consisted of different brick-built creatures.
LEGO Mixels logo

List of sets


March wave (Series 1)


The first wave of Mixels sets.

June wave (Series 2)

Series 2 Bags

The second wave of Mixels sets.

September wave (Series 3)

Mixels Series 3 Bags

The third wave of Mixels sets.


February wave (Series 4)

S4 bags

The fourth wave of Mixels sets.

June wave (Series 5)


The fifth wave of Mixels sets.

October wave (Series 6)

Mixels Series 6 packets

The sixth wave of Mixels sets.


February wave (Series 7)

S7 bag collection

The seventh wave of Mixels sets.

June wave (Series 8)


The eighth wave of Mixels sets.

October wave (Series 9)


The ninth and final wave of Mixels sets.



Mixels packaging has a small transparent window in the shape of a Cubit to let the buyer take a sneak peek at the pieces included in the set. Their packaging is similar to the bags of some of the much smaller Friends sets (collectible animal packs).

The packaging also shows what the Mixels' artwork looks like in the top right corner. As the packaging shows the artwork, behind them is a burst of what element they are. (ex. a Glorp Corp member would have gooey stuff behind it).

Finally, the packaging also shows the Mixel doing some pose in front of a background of Mixel Land. The first three waves had bags with rings around the Mixel's image.

The design changed with the fourth wave, with new-style artwork showing the respective tribe region behind them, and with striped light-style patterns. The burst of element is absent, being replaced by a generic light burst. Also, starting with the fourth wave, the bags were made with small slits at the top, letting them be easily opened by hand instead of having to be cut open.


With each wave, LEGO released stopmotions to promote each new series. Each stopmotion (excluding Series 7-9 stopmotions) is focused around a Mix, Max or Murp that has instructions available online.

List of stopmotions

No. in series


Original US airdate



Infernites MAX!


Zorch, Vulk and Flain find a group of four plowers and react with delight! But who will get the last plower?!


Electroids MAX!


The three Electroids are fending off a huge swarm of pestering Nixels. Will Zaptor, Teslo, and Volectro be able to fend off the Nixels before it's too late?


Cragsters MAX!


Shuff, Seismo, and Krader are out having fun smashing rocks. But one boulder is unbreakable, how will our industrious Cragsters smash it open?


Jawg & Lunk Murp


Lunk and Slumbo are trying to rest, but Jawg has a stick and wants to play fetch! Watch what happens when Lunk finally throws the stick for him but Jawg returns with a cubit!


Kraw & Flurr Mix!


HAMLOGNE SANDWICH! Flurr and Kraw use a Cubit to get the last hamlogne sandwich, will they mix fast enough before Chomly chomps it?


Gobba & Tentro Mix!


Balk, Gobba and Tentro are having a diving contest! Will Balk and Tenro’s mix will impress the Nixel judges?


Glorp Corp Max


Glomp, Glurt and Torts from the Glorp Corp need to MAX to help Footi out with the pestering Nixels. Will they fix it with a mix it?


Scorpi & Torts Mix


Watch newest Mixel's mini clip as Scorpi and Torts have fun!


Wiztastics Max!


Magnifo is ready to demonstrate the most spectacular show ever seen on Planet Mixel but the Nixels are playing tricks on him. Will the Wiztastics Max fix it or will the Nixels steal the show?


Niksput and Burnard Mix


Watch as Niksput attempts to basketboard – skate boarding while trying to shoot a basketball through a hoop! Will Burnard need to help Niksput make the basket, or will he make it by himself?


Snoof and Tungster Mix!


From LEGO Mixels Series 5 - Tungster is licking a tasty popsicle-tree perched on the side of a frozen cliff. Snoof shows up at the base of the cliff and wants some too! Unfortunately, Snoof cannot climb up the icy, slippery cliff to reach the popsicle-tree. Watch as Snoof and Tungster mix to find a solution!


Junkyard Go-Kart Murp


Jinky and Kamzo are at the junkyard building a go-kart! They think square wheels would work the best on the go-kart. Chilbo points out that the go-kart would not be able to move with square wheels, and tries to replace them. Watch as Jinky, Kamzo and Chilbo argue over the go-kart wheels, and what happens when a cubit gets involved!


Lixers Max in the Kitchen! 9/2/15

Mixels - Series 5 - The Lixers are getting hungry and decide to bake a delicious cake! Once the Lixers pull the cake out of the oven, they notice that the area is a total mess. Dirty dishes, dough, and bits of frosting are all over the place! Watch as the Lixers combine to a max to clean the kitchen!


The Weldos MAX at Work!


The Weldos are at the construction site and need to break down a building! Unfortunately, they are too slow! The Weldos want to finish the project by the time work is over. Watch as the Weldos MAX come up with a solution!


The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch!


The Munchos are very hungry and are enjoying eating a large pizza, however; they can’t eat the whole thing separately! Watch as the Munchos MAX to see if they can finish the pizza!


Wild Cookeroni Chase in Downtown Mixopolis!


A cookeroni on the run resulted in a dramatic high-speed chase, which put all of Mixopolis into a frenzy yesterday afternoon. The incident happened when Paladum the flying horse collided with a Nixel, and dropped the cookeroni on Kuffs’ police helmet. Reportedly nobody was injured during the chase.


The Music Prank


It's show time for the Mixies at the downtown stage and everyone is waiting for them to start. When Tiketz arrives, Trumpsy decides to prank him, playing a siren noise as he runs around. Next up, Busto gets the prank treatment from Tapsy, sounding like a bass drum as he waddles. But the jig is up when Kuffs suddenly appears and busts Trumpsy red-handed! Booo-hooo…


Attempted Bank Robbery


Late last night, three pirates snuck into Mixopolis and attempted to rob the city’s bank; but they didn’t get far. Three local doctors, who were hiding inside the bank vault, gave the pirates such a scare that it is highly unlikely those pirates will return to the city any time soon.


Strange Medix Mixels experiment creates new Mixels Max


Surgeo, Skrubz, and Tuth, the three Medix Mixels, attempt to bring to life an entirely new Mixels Max. All they need are some parts from the three Mixopolis City Fire Department (MCFD) Mixels and Skrubz' defibrillator. But will the experiment work? And what Max will result from it?


Nindjas vs. Trashoz


The three Mixels Nindjas get ready for their daily exercise. Enter three curious Trashoz Mixels who are all too eager to take out the trash, and things are bound to get a little messy.


Nindja in an Epic Ice Sculpture Fail


Chop, chop, chop – Mixels Nindja Spinza's attempt to carve a beautiful ice sculpture ends an epic fail.


  • The Mixels have micro-sized ball-joints that are compatible with the old Technic towball piece. These were also seen on the Legends of Chima Legend Beasts.
  • Sets in each series include a Nixel (one from each tribe), and later, Cubits and Cookironis.
  • One of the main selling points for the theme is to collect three of a tribe to make Max Mixels out of LEGO, and also to make your own Mixes and Murps.
  • Each set sells for $4.99 in the USA, making the Mixels theme one of the cheapest on sale in LEGO's portfolio of lines, and one of the best in terms of price-per-piece ratios. However, in some stores, the prices vary.
  • This is one of the only LEGO themes to have sets without minifigures. However, the theme still uses elements from the minifigures, as some Mixels have eyes that are made with specially painted minifigure heads and use headgear as eyelids.
  • Many of the sets include rare pieces in rare colors. A couple even have pieces exclusive to them. For example, Volectro's hair is a yellow bush that is exclusive to him and Sweepz' brushes are exclusive to his set.
  • The first time Mixels was advertised on a different website was on a popular kids game called Poptropica. They included three types of costumes based on Flain, Krader, and Volectro. There was also an item known as "Flamzer Scuttle", where Flamzer would run on the screen placing LEGO fire pieces on the screen once triggered. There was also an item known as "Boogly Dash".  A Series 6 promo gave a special Dribbal follower and the ability "Snax Toss Power".
  • Each set up to Series 3 included an in-booklet code to unlock a new power for the set's respective character and gain a small amount of Cubits in the Calling All Mixels app game. This returned in Series 5 and Series 6 for Mixels Rush.
  • The original, working title for Mixels was Hungry Monsters, or just Monsters.[1]
    • Its tagline was originally set to be "The more you collect, the wackier it gets!".
  • The Technic ball eye is one of the most common eye-pieces for the Mixels sets.
  • The minifigure head eye was not introduced in the theme until Series 2.
  • The half-closed large eye was not introduced until 2015, in Series 4.
  • A new tooth piece was introduced in 2016; unlike most other tooth pieces, this one is not sharp, and is a molar.
    • It is also used as a toe piece, as Trumpsy uses it as his toes.
  • Each box of bags contains 30 sets, with the primary tribe of the series having four complete sets and the remaining two tribes having three complete sets.[2]
  • The Series 1 preview seen at San Diego Comic-Con International used boxes over the polybags that the series eventually used.
  • Out of all the possible LEGO color schemes, pink was the only one to not be represented in any form for the theme. Rokit was originally set to have pink used for his brain, but this was later changed into his current mechanical brain.[3]
  • To promote the theme, giant versions of select bags were made and put on display on store windows. For Series 2, giant bags were made for Kraw and Slumbo, for Series 3, Glomp and Magnifo, for Series 6, Kramm and Dribbal and for Series 7, Kuffs and Jamzy.
  • Various tribe ideas were tested for the theme, before the current ones were decided on. The character Chocolate Bar from The LEGO Movie 2 is based on a concept model from one of the scrapped tribes.[4]

Awards and Nominations

The theme was a 2014 Toy of the Year finalist.[5] It was also a finalist for the 2015 Toy of the Year.[6]


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