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*[[Nixels (creature)|Nixel]]
*[[Nixels (creature)|Nixel]]
* Major Nixel
* King Nixel (Debut)

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This page is about an episode of the Mixels television series on Cartoon Network. From here, you can also access the gallery and transcript pages for the respective episode.

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We've been... abducted... by moon men!
Flamzer, Burnard and Meltus respectively
Mixel Moon Madness

It's out of this world.
Season 2
Episode Number 22
Production Code  ?
Original Airdate March 9, 2015
Characters Infernites (additional 2015 members, plus Vulk)
Major Nixel
Crystal Nixel
Episode Guide
Mixed Up Special

Mixel Moon Madness, also referred to as Moon Madness Special, is the first episode in the second season of Mixels, and the twenty-second episode overall. It is also the second half-hour special, and the second season premiere. It first aired on March 9, 2015.[1] [2]



A relaxing Infernite camping trip turns into a crazy alien abduction that reveals even more fantastical Mixels on the moon.

Cartoon Network

Get ready for a massive Mixels adventure that will take you all the way to the moon!

Episode Summary

Act I

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Act II

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For a full transcript of "Mixel Moon Madness", click here.


Major Characters

Minor Characters




  • Vulk, Shuff, Slumbo, Jawg, Tentro, and Footi Murp

Production Information

  • When the Mixels franchise was first announced, it was stated that the length of the series could be extended for longer storylines, if and when needed;[3] this being an example. This is most likely the pilot for a full series; as such, all future episodes of this length will no longer be referred to as specials, but regular episodes.
  • The full name of the episode is Mixels: Moon Madness Special.
  • This will be the first new episode after the long in-between season hiatus, which lasted six months and nine days. This wait angered many fans, who were then relieved to see the show back in full force.
  • Unlike the previous half-hour special, this is one full twenty-two minute episode, making it the longest concurrent episode of the series to date; with the shortest being High Five.
  • On March 5th, a blog post on Cartoon Network's website was published to advertise the episode.[4]

Broadcast Information

  • Many commercials advertising this episode were released throughout mid-Feburary and early March.
  • On various cable programming guides, the episode is referred to as an episode of a standalone Mixels series, unlike Mixed Up Special, which was on its own (and the shorts, which had no entries due to there being no set schedule for them).
  • There will be encore presentations on March 13th and 15th.

International airings

Mixel Moon Madness Poster

A promotional poster for the special.

Many airings will take place in March 2015.

  • March 9, 2015 (US and Canada)[5]
  • March 13, 2015 (Italy)[6]
  • March 14, 2015 (Bulgaria) in CN Cinema.
  • March 14, 2015 (Hong Kong, South East Asia and UK)[7]
  • March 21, 2015 (Netherlands & Poland)[8][9]


  • The Orbitons, Glowkies and 2015 Infernites will appear, introducing the Series 4 characters into the show.
  • There is a Murp involving six Mixels. This proves that more than two Mixels can create a Murp, and more than three can make a character combination in general, even if they are not in the same tribe.
  • Maxes have appeared for the first time since Changing a Lightbulb; being of course the Orbitons Max, the Glowkies Max, and the Infernites Max. This is before the Series 2 and 3 Maxes even get to appear in the show, although their animated forms have appeared on
  • There is a musical number present near the end of the episode, which makes it the third song of the series overall; the first of course being the theme song, and the second being Happy Birthday to Balk.
  • Some descriptions of the episode give the title an exclamation point at the end.
  • There is a new and improved intro in this special.
  • The Glowkies appear to be portrayed as antagonists at first in the episode. That makes the Glowkies the first Mixels to be portrayed as antagonists (not including Zorch).
  • Zaptor, Shuff, Slumbo, Jawg, Tentro and Footi are the only known members of their respective tribes to appear in the episode. Footi is also the only known Series 3 Mixel appearing.
  • This is the first ever episode to have all three combinations: a Mix, Max, and Murp.


  • Second episode with the word "madness" in the title. ("Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness")
  • This is the second special in the series. ("Mixed Up Special")
  • This is the sixth episode with a Max. This is also the second episode where all of the Maxes in a series appear. ("Cookironi")
  • This is the sixth appearance of a Murp, and the fourth that isn't of Flain and Krader. ("Murp", "Snow Half-Pipe", "Fang Gang Log Toss", "High Five", "Mixed Up Special")
  • This is the second apperance of live-action footage; this being the explosion when the Orbitons Max is made. The first was a human foot. ("Mixed Up Special")


  • When Globert says "That's right, mister!" he has three teeth on his upper jaw instead of five.
  • While Meltus sits on the crater, staring at a planet, his tail clips through the crater.
  • While in the giant Cubit, Niksput is missing his wings.
  • When Globert says "This is going to be FABULOUS!", Boogly's eye has no pupil.
  • If you look closely, while Zaptor is in the giant Cubit, his eye is not attached to his body.

Memorable Quotes

Murp: Hello, ladies!
Nurp-Naut (old): I just made a meteor in my spacesuit!
Globert: This is going to be FABULOUS!
Burnard: Fun?
Globert: That's right, mister!


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Sources and References


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