Mixel Moon
Inhabitants Orbitons
Visitors Infernites
Features Dark caves

The Mixel Moon is a celestial body in the Mixelverse, orbiting Planet Mixel, that is home to both the Orbitons and Glowkies.


The Moon

In promotional artwork, Mixel Moon is colored turquoise with white lines and navy blue, red and yellow dots on it.

In the the show, the moon is colored lime green with some craters on the surface.


There are two main, inhabited areas for the alien Mixel tribes of Mixel Moon. There also appears to be a soccer field to play The Soccer Championship of the World.


There are a ton of turquoise, rocky platforms connected together, with a black space sky. A giant glass dome houses the futuristic metropolis where the Orbitons reside.

Glowkie Caves

This includes a large cave with glowing rocks of different colors, where the Glowkies live.


  • A preliminary design for the Mixel Moon includes a flat landscape, and a chunky turquoise landscape with a black sky with stars. This seems to have been carried on to the final design of the terrain. However, the design differs in Mixel Moon Madness.
  • There are fossils of CoconapplesHamlogna Sandwiches, a record player, a headset with a cable, and also a skull underground in the rock formations of the Mixel Moon.
  • The Gravity Plug is located inside the center of it.
  • It is shown in the artwork of the Mixopolis Wharf and the Nindjas district.


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TV series

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