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Mixed Up Special
Season 3
Episode Number 21
Production Code ?
Original Airdate ?
Characters Everyone from Series 1-3
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Mixed Up is the first episode in season three of Mixels, and the twenty-first episode overall. It is also the season premiere and the first ever full, half-hour special. It first aired on August 31, 2014.


“Epic Comedy Adventure”- When General Nix tries to stop the annual Mixfest, it’s up to Flain and friends to bring back mixing!

“Murp Romp”- There is a Murp on the loose and the Mixels must catch it before it destroys everything!

Episode Summary

Act I - Epic Comedy Adventure

Act II - Murp Romp

The Glorp Corp and the Spikels are enjoying a day at Mixel Park. Scorpi grows afraid of Glurt’s enthusiasm and the Spikels head off. Glomp disperses a Glorp Corp/Spikel cubit from his nose and throws it for Glurt to fetch, with the others running after him. Meanwhile, Flain, Lunk, Chomly, and Zaptor are enjoying a picnic, with Zaptor commenting on the calmness. They are suddenly interrupted by a puff of magic. The Wiztastics appear to advertise their next show, which Magnifo promises won’t be like the last one (which ended with him being burnt to ashes). The Spikels come to see what’s happening, and when the Wiztastics teleport away (out of embarrassment from Magnifo), they scare Scorpi again, causing him to run away and accidentally crash into the cubit that Glurt’s carrying. This causes them to Murp, and they run off, coating the other parkgoers in slime.


For a full transcript of "Mixed Up Special", click here.

Production Information

  • When the Mixels franchise was first announced, it was stated that the length of the series could be extended for longer storylines, if and when needed.[1]
  • The full name of the episode is Mixels: Mixed-Up Special.
  • It is split into two different, seven-minute parts and storylines,[2] plus other shorts from Season 1 and Season 2.
  • As of now, this is the longest episode.

    A promotional poster for the special.

  • This is also the first episode to air and premiere at a specific time (6/5c) instead of during a commercial break.
  • The voice cast will finally be revealed in the end credits.
  • A short clip was released prior to the episode's airing, in anticipation for its release.[3]
  • This episode will air as part of the "Labor Day Weekend Clarence and Friends Sleepover" event.[5]


  • Mixel Park and the Magic Tent are introduced.
  • Every Mixel from Series 3 will debut in this episode, in contrast to Coconapple (for Series 1) and Wrong Colors (for Series 2).
    • This episode also has the most character appearances so far.
  • There will be multiple Mixes and Murps appearing.
  • This is the first episode where rainbow cubits are seen.




Memorable Quotes

Glurt: Howdy, howdy, howdy!
Scorpi: AHHHHHH! (jumps onto Hoogi's head)
Footi: Yep, he's super cute and super skittish.
Magnifo: …MAGIC! Hey, hey, there, we’re the Wiztastics! And we’re back with a brand new magic show! So, prepare to be amazed!
Mesmo and Wizwuz: Amazed.
Magnifo: To be astounded!
Mesmo and Wizwuz: Astounded.
Magnifo: And to be…uh…uh…what was it? Uh…mm…what was that…oh! Amazed! Gah, I already said that, dagnabbit!
Glurt/Scorpi Murp: Ha-ha-hah! Murp! Murp! (Runs off)
Torts: Glurt!
Footi and Hoogi: Scorpi!
Glomp: They didn’t make a Mix…
Footi: …They made a Murp!




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