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'''“Epic Comedy Adventure” -''' When Major Nixel tries to stop the annual Mixfest, it’s up to Flain and friends to bring back mixing!
'''“Epic Comedy Adventure” -''' When General Nix[''sic''] tries to stop the annual Mixfest, it’s up to Flain and friends to bring back mixing!
'''“Murp Romp” -''' There is a Murp on the loose and the Mixels must catch it before it destroys everything!
'''“Murp Romp” -''' There is a Murp on the loose and the Mixels must catch it before it destroys everything!

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This page is about an episode of the Mixels television series on Cartoon Network. From here, you can also access the gallery and transcript pages for the respective episode.

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Mixed Up Special
Ah Sweet!

More Mixel fun.
Season 3
Episode Number 21
Production Code  ?
Original Airdate August 31, 2014
Characters Everyone from Series 1-3
Episode Guide

Mixed Up is the first episode in season three of Mixels, and the twenty-first episode overall. It is also the season premiere and the first ever full, half-hour special. It first aired on August 31, 2014.



“Epic Comedy Adventure” - When General Nix[sic] tries to stop the annual Mixfest, it’s up to Flain and friends to bring back mixing!

“Murp Romp” - There is a Murp on the loose and the Mixels must catch it before it destroys everything!

Cartoon Network

Get ready for more Mixels madness featuring Mixels you already know and 9 brand new Mixels!

Episode Summary

Act I - Epic Comedy Adventure

The annual Mix Festival is here; a day to celebrate the power of the cubits. However, due to a certain sandwich-loving Electroid, all of the Hamlogna Sandwiches were eaten, leaving the other Electroids angry with him. Due to this, Teslo asks all of the leaders of their respective tribes to come with him to get more.

At the same time, Major Nixel appears in a metal cloud floating above and lets loose his devestating new weapon - the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer - onto the festival, making every other Mixel at the party become a zombie-like Nixel. With all of their cubits destroyed,
Major nixel thanking his annoying nixels

Mixels Land is doomed.

it's up to the leaders to save their friends and Mixels Land. Gobba has a cubit, but Flain says to save it for another time. Krader also says that the only way to find more is to go to Mixel Mountain for the rainbow cubits. So, they all head there. Gobba ends up using and wasting his cubit with Kraw, but everyone finally reaches the top of the mountain and hits the giant rainbow cubit, letting tons more loose.
We smash rainbow cubit

The act that could save everyone.

Meanwhile, Major Nixel is baking cupcakes. However, the tribe leaders come back mixed, and defeat him, saving the festival and their friends in the process. Glomp, Scorpi and Magnifo finally show up, marking their debut in the series.

Act II - Murp Romp

The Glorp Corp and the Spikels are enjoying a day at Mixel Park. Torts admires how cute Scorpi is, and the latter then grows afraid of Glurt’s enthusiasm. The Spikels head off. Glomp disperses a Glorp Corp/Spikel cubit from his nose and throws it for Glurt to fetch, with the others running after him. Meanwhile, Flain, Lunk, Chomly, and Zaptor are enjoying a picnic, with Zaptor commenting on the calmness. They are suddenly interrupted by a puff of magic. The Wiztastics appear to advertise their next show, which Magnifo promises won’t be like the last one (which ended with him being burnt to ashes).


On the run.

The Spikels come to see what is happening, and when the Wiztastics teleport away (out of embarrassment from Magnifo), they scare Scorpi again, causing him to run away and accidentally crash into the cubit that Glurt is carrying. This causes them to Murp, and they run off, coating the other parkgoers in slime. Both tribes that the murp belongs to end up chasing it (with some complications) all the way to the aforementioned magic show. They find it on the rafters above the stage, where they find Mesmo, and Torts mixes with him to get to the murp. While they accomplish this, Magnifo does a trick that blasts magic energy out of his hat and to the roof. This destroys the rafters and causes all of the Mixels to fall down, who then de-mix and are arranged in an upside-down pyramid pose.

I loved it!

"That was amazing! I loved it!"

After, Vulk claps and is revealed to be the only one who attended the show (and enjoyed it), which overjoys Magnifo. Then, he gets crushed by the other Mixels at the end.


For a full transcript of "Mixed Up Special", click here.

Production Information

  • When the Mixels franchise was first announced, it was stated that the length of the series could be extended for longer storylines, if and when needed.[1]
  • The full name of the episode is Mixels: Mixed-Up Special.
  • As of now, this is the longest episode.

    A promotional poster for the special.

  • The voice cast was finally revealed in the end credits.
  • A short clip was released prior to the episode's airing, in anticipation for its release.[2]
  • "Epic Comedy Adventure", on the Cartoon Network site and in the beginning of the minisode, is alternatively titled "The Biggest and Most Epic Mixels Minisode Ever". "Murp Romp" is also listed on the Cartoon Network site as "Murp Romp Minisode".

Broadcast Information

  • This special includes, in the following order listed:
  • This is the first episode to air and premiere at a specific time (6/5c) instead of during a commercial break.
  • This episode first aired as part of the "Labor Day Weekend Clarence and Friends Sleepover" event.


  • Mixel Mountain, Mixel Park, the Spiky Desert, and the Magic Tent are introduced.
    • The Swamplands have yet to be introduced, however.
  • Every Mixel from Series 3 debuted in this episode, in contrast to Coconapple (for Series 1) and Wrong Colors (for Series 2).
  • There were multiple Mixes and Murps that appeared.
  • This is the first episode where rainbow cubits are seen.
  • For one reason or another, the Electroids do not shock themselves in this episode.
  • This is the first time Kraw speaks without being part of a Mix or talking in unison with another Mixel.
  • One of the bumpers in-between shorts includes a bunch of the Mixels logo falling on top of each other. This bumper originated from the beginning of some of the stop-motion videos from LEGO.
  • This episode contains the most character appearances to date, with all nine original tribes including Major Nixel and his Nixels.
  • Vulk being the DJ at the festival may be a reference to his appearance with headphones, a rainbow cubit, and the Cartoon Network Studios logo at the end of foreign airings of the shorts, plus at the end of this episode after the credits.
  • This is the first time Major Nixel is referred to by name in the television series.
  • Teslo's fear of heights, first mentioned in his bio, is shown in the series for the first time.
  • Some items in Calling All Mixels (such as the Nixel cupcakes and the giant rainbow cubits) appear.
  • On September 3, 2014, both Epic Comedy Adventure and Murp Romp became available to watch from the website.[4][5]
  • When the two shorts are counted separate, "Epic Comedy Adventure" would be the first season premiere to debut Series 3 Mixels without the episode focusing on them in any way, as the new tribe leaders only appeared at the end and had no lines.
  • It is revealed that the rainbow cubits' power basically have the same powers of any cubit, but can mix any two Mixels no matter the tribes.


  • This is the second time there is an intro. ("Coconapple")
  • This is the third time there is a party. ("Murp", "Elevator")
  • Hamlogna Sandwiches make an appearance again. ("Changing a Lightbulb", "Wrong Colors", "Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness")
  • The Gobba/Kraw hula dancer Mix appears again. ("Vaudeville Fun")
  • This is the fourth appearance (third in person) of Major Nixel. ("Another Nixel", "Wrong Colors" as a sculpture, Nixel "Mix Over")
  • This is the second time a single Nixel has had to catch up to the rest of the swarm. ("Wrong Colors")
  • Fourth time a Mixel is burnt. ("Hot Lava Shower", "Murp", "Rockball")
  • This is the fifth appearance of a Murp, and the third that isn't of Flain and Krader. ("Murp", "Snow Half-Pipe", "Fang Gang Log Toss", "High Five")
  • Teslo wears his exercise clothes again. ("Hot Lava Shower")


  • When Teslo asks for the leaders of the tribes to come with him, Gobba goes. However, in his LEGO Mixels website bio, Jawg is referred to as the leader of the Fang Gang.
    • This could imply that LEGO and Cartoon Network contradict each other about the canon of the franchise.
  • Even though he spoke, Kraw is not listed in the end credits as one of the cast.
  • When Krader glares at Zaptor, the gold part of his head is placed in the center of his face like a nose.
  • When the leaders were running from the Nixels before they hid in the cave, Krader's big arm was on the wrong side.
  • When the gang set off to get Hamlonga Sandwiches, Lunk's spikes from his neck disappear.
  • When Volectro is standing on the picnic table and waving his arms around, one of his electric fingernails is missing.
  • When the leaders reach the top of Mixel Mountain, Kraw is missing his legs.


  • Monty Python's Flying Circus - The giant live-action cutout of a bare foot that stomps on Glomp and Hoogi during their Mix is a reference to the titles of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Space Invaders - The alien that zaps Torts and Footi during their Mix is a reference to the arcade game Space Invaders .

Memorable Quotes

Volectro and Teslo: Hey! Where’d all the Hamlogna sandwiches go?
Zaptor: I don’t know… (Shifts eyes)
Volectro and Teslo: Hm…
Teslo: (Jumps up) EVERY MIXEL…
Volectro: (Jumps up) …LISTEN UP! It seems that Zaptor here has eaten all the Hamlogna sandwiches AND RUINED THE MIXEL FESTIVAL!
[Cut to the remaining Mixels, who stare at them in shock. Shuff pops up.]
Shuff: Ooh, harsh!
Lunk: Duh-huh-huh-huh…duh… (color is zapped, his stare grows blank) duh…duh…duh…
Gobba: Can we use the Cubit now?
Kraw: Not yet, Gobba.
[Cut to them balancing on the edge of a ledge, all but Flurr looking terrified.]
Gobba: Should we use the Cubit now?
Krader: No, no, Gobba!
[Cut to the top of the mountain. The six pop up and start speaking in awe. They run up to the rainbow Cubit. Millions of Nixels start jumping up from behind.
Flain: All right, man, now’s a good time for the Cubit!
Gobba: The Cubit? Ha-hahah-hah! I used it a long time ago!
Major Nixel: Doot doot doo…perfect cupcakes!
[The three Mixes run up to the table.]
Flain/Gobba Mix: (in Gobba’s voice) Mmm, cupcakes! (eats one) But to be honest, something’s missing!
Major Nixel: What could be missing from my perfect cupcakes?!
Flain/Gobba Mix: YOUR FACE! (slams the table into Major Nixel. It slides down, his face is now covered in frosting and licorice bits.)
Glurt: Howdy, howdy, howdy!
Scorpi: (screams) (jumps onto Hoogi's head)
Footi: Yep, he's super cute and super skittish.
Magnifo: …MAGIC! Hey, hey, there, we’re the Wiztastics! And we’re back with a brand new magic show! So, prepare to be amazed!
Mesmo and Wizwuz: Amazed.
Magnifo: To be astounded!
Mesmo and Wizwuz: Astounded.
Magnifo: And to be…uh…uh…what was it? Uh…mm…what was that…oh! Amazed! Gah, I already said that, dagnabbit!
Glomp: That Murp is destroying Mixel Park!
[Cut to the damage. Kraw is completely encased in slime that’s dangling from something, Volectro’s body and hands are encased in slime, and Jawg is fully encased in slime. A few slime-covered fallen trees are also in the area.]
Glurt/Scorpi Murp: Murp! Murp! (Spins around, his tail chops down another tree and he leaves.)
Glomp: If we don’t catch him quick, he’ll slice and slime up all of Mixel Land!
Hoogi: And poor little Scorpi will miss our nightly nuzzle-wuzzle time! WHAT’LL WE DO?!
Footi: (Puts arm around Hoogi) Hoogi, it’ll be fine. As long as we listen to our hearts. (Starts to ballet dance.) Yes, we must listen to our ever-loving hearts! And my heart says: to save our friends, (pulls out Glorp Corp/Spikel Cubit) we must mix ‘em to get ‘em.
Vulk: (pops up from his seat) THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT! (Gives a single clap that echoes.)
Magnifo: (Lip starts to quiver­, his eye grows huge) Applause…THE THUNDEROUS ROAR OF APPLAUSE! (Jumps up.) I DID IT! I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT! I’M SPECTACULAAAAR!
[The pyramid falls down, all Mixels land on top of Magnifo.]
Magnifo: (Strained-sounding) Dagnabbit…



Mixed Up
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Sources and References


Season 1 (Series 1-3)

Coconapple / Hot Lava Shower / Cookironi / Electrorock / Nixels / Pothole / Murp / Mailman / Another Nixel / Rockball / Changing a Light Bulb / Wrong Colors / Nixel "Mix Over" / Bar B Cubes / Snow Half Pipe / Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness / Vaudeville Fun / Fang Gang Log Toss / High Five / Elevator / Mixed Up Special (Epic Comedy Adventure / Murp Romp)

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