Mixapods Mix
MixapodsMix byNF971.png
Cartoon Appearances Every Knight Has Its Day
Primary Mixel Mixapod 1
Secondary Mixel Mixapod 2
Purpose To reach leaves to eat (Every Knight Has Its Day)
Ability Tall height

The Mixapods Mix is a Mixamal Mix that made its debut in Every Knight Has Its Day.

Physical Appearance

The Mixapods Mix heavily resembles a standard Mixapod. However, it is much taller in height, with extra spikes on its neck and added neck bolts. It has six eyes, with two of them on stalks, rather than the standard single of a normal Mixapod. They also have an extra pair of horns.


Every Knight Has Its Day

The Mixapods Mix was used to show how Mixing is essential to the Mixamal world by Ranger Jinx. He threw a Cubit to two Mixapods, allowing them to reach a tall height (200 ft.) to eat a leaf from a very high tree.


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