Mixamajig Threshold
Who the heck is the chosen one now??.png
Inhabitants None
Visitors All Series 1-6 Mixels (except the Weldos)
Background Mixels
Features Pathways
Keyhole door

The Mixamajig Threshold is a location on Planet Mixel.



It is located in the same desert that Klinkerton is located in. It is a small place with visible pathways that lead into each other. In the center is a giant keyhole-shaped door that transports the Mixels.


A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig

After a long quest, the Klinkers, 2015 Frosticons, Lixers, 2015 Glorp Corp, and Munchos find themselves and all the other Mixels and background Mixels (except for the Weldos) to be there. All of them enter the keyhole door, and it disappears, leaving just the pathways.



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TV series

Season 2


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