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A great Mixel once said, "A Mixel's got to mix." And so we do. Mixing is both simple and complex. Deciding how, why, and when to mix is as important as technical execution. This is a Cubit. When used properly, one can achieve the most basic form of a two-party Mix. Thusly.
Narrator in Mixing, So That's How It's Done!, Every Knight Has Its Day

A Mix is when two Mixels combine with each other to help them in different situations. Combine two Mixels and get twice the power. The first Mixel will be the dominant character or controller of the Mix, while the other Mixel will give it extra powers to help solve a particular problem.

List of Mixes


The Mixes in this list are divided by their dominant Mixel. Click them to visit the page for the respective Mix, and see their background, abilities, at times, more images of the Mix.



These are mixes made out of LEGO bricks, using the Mixels sets. Some of them are real mixes and are shown on the shorts. However, due to the endless possibilities of building, one can use the parts to make any new creature out of any number of sets, and not necessarily build by the book.

The following list shows all of the official mixes that LEGO made.

Mixel 1 Mixel 2 Mix
Flain Seismo
Flain Vulk
Flain Shuff
Flain Teslo
Flain Zaptor
Flain Volectro
Flain Zorch
Vulk Zorch
Vulk Seismo
Vulk Shuff
Zorch Seismo
Zorch Shuff
Zorch Teslo
Zorch Zaptor
Zorch Volectro
Krader Shuff
Krader Zaptor
Seismo Zaptor
Seismo Volectro
Teslo Zaptor
Zaptor Volectro
Flurr Kraw
Flurr Balk
Flurr Chomly
Flurr Jawg
Lunk Tentro
Lunk Balk
Slumbo Kraw
Slumbo Tentro
Slumbo Flurr
Slumbo Lunk
Slumbo Chomly
Slumbo Gobba
Kraw Tentro
Tentro Balk
Chomly Jawg
Jawg Tentro
Jawg Balk
Gobba Tentro
Glomp Torts
Glomp Footi
Glomp Magnifo
Glomp Mesmo
Glomp Wizwuz
Glurt Torts
Glurt Scorpi
Glurt Magnifo
Glurt Mesmo
Glurt Wizwuz
Torts Scorpi
Torts Hoogi
Torts Magnifo
Torts Mesmo
Torts Wizwuz
Scorpi Hoogi
Scorpi Mesmo
Hoogi Magnifo
Hoogi Mesmo
Footi Scorpi
Footi Mesmo
Mesmo Magnifo
Mesmo Wizwuz
Globert Meltus
Globert Flamzer
Boogly Globert
41533 GLOBERT 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Burnard Niksput
41528 NIKSPUT 41532 BURNARD COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Burnard Globert
41532 BURNARD 41533 GLOBERT COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Burnard Flamzer

41531 FLAMZER 41532 BURNARD COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg

Flamzer Boogly
41531 FLAMZER 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Meltus Vampos
41530 MELTUS 41534 VAMPOS COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Niksput Boogly
41528 NIKSPUT 41535 BOOGLY COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Niksput Flamzer
41528 NIKSPUT 41531 FLAMZER MIX 883x335.jpg
Niksput Globert
41528 NIKSPUT 41533 GLOBERT COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Nurp-Naut Niksput
41528 NIKSPUT 41529 NURP-NAUT MIX 883x335.jpg
Nurp-Naut Flamzer
41529 NURP-NAUT 41531 FLAMZER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Nurp-Naut Globert
41529 NURP-NAUT 41533 GLOBERT COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Rokit Burnard
41527 ROKIT 41532 BURNARD COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Rokit Flamzer
41527 ROKIT 41531 FLAMZER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Rokit Globert
41527 ROKIT 41533 GLOBERT COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Rokit Meltus
41527 ROKIT 41530 MELTUS COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Rokit Niksput
41527 ROKIT 41528 NIKSPUT COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Kamzo Spugg
Kamzo spugg mix 234.png
Kamzo Turg
41538 KAMZO 41543 TURG COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Kamzo Tungster
41538 KAMZO 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Gox Chilbo
41536 GOX 41540 CHILBO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Jinky Snoof
Chilbo Turg
Chilbo y tug.png
Chilbo Kamzo
41538 KAMZO 41540 CHILBO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Krog Turg
41539 KROG 41543 TURG COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Krog Tungster
41539 KROG 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Snoof Tungster
41541 SNOOF 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Krog Spugg
41539 KROG 41542 SPUGG COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Spugg Tungster
41542 SPUGG 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Turg Tungster
41543 TURG 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Krog Gox
41536 GOX 41539 KROG COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Jinky Tungster

41537 JINKY 41544 TUNGSTER COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg

Jinky Turg

41537 JINKY 41543 TURG COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg

Gox Tungster


Gox Jinky


Kramm Gurggle
Kramm Gurggle Mix Vector by Dadaw.png
Forx Vaka-Waka
Forx Vaka-Waka Mix Vec.png
Forx Dribbal
41546 FORX 41548 DRIBBAL COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Dribbal Vaka-Waka
41548 DRIBBAL 41553 VAKA-WAKA COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Dribbal Berp
41548 DRIBBAL 41552 BERP COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Dribbal Gurggle
41548 DRIBBAL 41549 GURGGLE COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Dribbal Slusho

Dribbal slusho AKA Dribbal monster with black 3 teeth because there is a nixel.png

Gurggle Slusho
41549 GURGGLE 41550 SLUSHO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Slusho Forx
41546 FORX 41550 SLUSHO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Snax Forx
41546 FORX 41551 SNAX COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Slusho Wuzzo
41547 WUZZO 41550 SLUSHO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Slusho Vaka-Waka
41550 SLUSHO 41553 VAKA-WAKA COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Slusho Snax
41550 SLUSHO 41551 SNAX COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Kramm Wuzzo
41545 KRAMM 41547 WUZZO COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Kramm Dribbal
41545 KRAMM 41548 DRIBBAL COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Kramm Vaka-Waka
41545 KRAMM 41553 VAKA-WAKA COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Snax Berp
41551 SNAX 41552 BERP COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Wuzzo Gurggle
41547 WUZZO 41549 GURGGLE COMBO MIX 883x335.jpg
Tiketz Trumpsy
Camillot Tapsy
Splasho Lewt
Lewt Splasho Mix.png
Sharx Surgeo
Sharx Surgeo Mix.png
Sweepz Spinza
Sweepz Spinza Mix.png
Compax Screeno
Compax Screeno Mix.png


  • Cubits are always needed to Mix in the cartoon, but they were not in any LEGO sets until Gurggle was released. However, it is possible to make LEGO Cubits, as they are shown in stopmotion videos.
  • Two Mixels can Mix multiple times, making different looking mixes with the same powers. Mixels can also do this without the Cubit while two Mixels are mixed.
  • There is an annual Mix Festival, as seen in Epic Comedy Adventure.
  • The dominant Mixel controls the voice. Most of the time, the dominant Mixel is the one whose appearance is factors into the Mix the most.
  • The first Mix that appeared in cartoon form was the Seismo/Zorch Mix in Coconapple.
  • Kraw has the most cartoon Mixes, having twelve in total.
  • Cartoon Mixes involving two members of the same tribe first appeared in Mixel Moon Madness as seen with the Burnard & Meltus Mix
  • Mixels of opposite ability tribes have less Mix variations, like Frosticon and Infernite Mixes and Flexer and Electroid Mixes. Mixes of tribes who are opposite of each other tend to have unique abilities.
  • So far, the Gobba and Kraw dancer Mix is the only Mix that has appeared in more than one episode.
    • The Gobba/Kraw Mix has the most variations out of any other Mix so far in the cartoon. This is due to most of them being shown in Vaudeville Fun.
  • Some Mixes have the ability to gain clothing and props that the Mixels combining them lack, most often for ones that have abilities based on talents.
  • Starting with Mixel Moon Madness, Mixes in the Italian dub of the series are voiced by both Mixels at the same time, with their voices overlapping.
  • Mixels without official Mix instructions on the LEGO website are instead packaged with a Nixel.
  • Mixes between nearly any two Mixels are possible to be made in Mixels Rush.
  • As shown in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, Mixels can Mix with more than two other Mixels, even if they are not part of the same tribe.
  • According to King Nixel, Mixels have to get along for a successful Mix to work.
  • As seen in Every Knight Has Its Day, wildlife can also mix.
  • According to the Narrator in Every Knight Has Its Day, mixing all started when some sort of "great Mixel" said "a Mixel's got to Mix."
  • No Mixes containing Series 9 Mixels appeared in the show.


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