Misical Muxels
Misical muxels

The mention of them in Calling All Mixels.
Series None
Color Unknown
Home Unknown
Occupation Band Mixels
Leader Unknown

The Misical Muxels are an unseen Mixel band from Mixel Land.


Calling All Mixels

The Misical Muxels' only confirmation of their existence comes from an Electroid mission from Calling All Mixels titled "Misical Muxels". In the mission, the band is coming to the Mountain City for a leg of their tour, and the goal of the level is to raise all the speaker pillars to set the scene for the band.


  • The name Misical Muxels is a spoonerism of "Musical Mixels".
  • They are the only mentioned, yet unseen, characters in the franchise without any sort of physical representation.
  • The Misical Muxels are somewhat similar to the Wiztastics, Glowkies, Mixies and Pyrratz in the fact that they put on shows.
    • They are the most similar to the Mixies, as both are bands.


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