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Cragster Land
Inhabitants Cragsters
Visitors Infernites
Features Giant rocks

The Mine, also known as the Cragsters Kingdom, is a region on Planet Mixel. It is a network of tunnels and caverns deep underground, but there is also an above-ground area with small houses, mailboxes, and giant boulders. It is where the Cragsters reside.



The Mines have a flat golden landscape with giant boulders with multiple holes and chunks of gold on top. The giant boulders are stacked onto each other with multiple mailboxes with more than one mailbox connected to the pole, and each mailbox is a different color. As seen in Rockball, Mailman, and, there are flags of different colors spread across the land, mainly used for playing Rockball.


Calling All Mixels

Can you dig it?
— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Mine is shown as a mainly underground area. Large piles of gold bricks decorate the area, along with rock houses and mailboxes. Well holes, mine carts, pickaxes, shovels, and mine cart tracks are randomly placed on the ground. Large sandwich-shaped rock formations are also in the area, along with trees with solid gold leaves and gemstone flowers.

Background Music

Calling All Mixels

Cragsters action loop
Cragsters exploration loop
Cragsters outpost defend loop
Cragsters region background loop


  • There are no known entrances to the underground caverns and tunnels. The only known way so far is by digging, which means it can only be accessed with this ability. However, in Calling All Mixels, the Mine is seen above ground in some levels.
  • The mailboxes and flags are some of the few non-rock elements of the habitat.
  • The underground mine has never been seen in the animated series. Rather, scenes taking place in the Cragsters' land is in the town above ground or, occasionally, in simple underground layers.
  • Digging entirely through the Mine leads one to the Mountain City, as seen in Electrorock.


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