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  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is Student
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  • I just discovered that you are underraged. Plz tell me your age so I could block you.Ā ;) have a nice day!

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  • Should the Mixels get revenge on Major Nixel by Making a Mega Mixel Nixel De-Nixer?

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  • Seismo clones: (Run and stop)

    • (Volectro's face is revealed)
    • Seismo clones: Volectro!
    • (Volectro's head shrinks to reveal Vulk's head)
    • (Seismo clones dogpile Vulk-headed Volectro)
    • Vulk-Headed Volectro: AAAAAAAAGH!
    • Vulk's head: Teslo!
    • Teslo: AAA- HAHAHA- Prepare for your examination.
    • Seismo 4: Ugh! I soiled diaper!
    • Vulk: Bloodeh heck!
    • Seismo 2: It's not possible!
    • Zaptor: Nope. HEEEE-
    • Seismo 2: (BLEEP)
    • Seismo 1: Shuff is Vulk!
    • Shuff (Vulk's voice): NO!
    • Seismo 1: Run home to Zorch!
    • Shuff: OK, mate!
    • Seismo 1: šŸ˜ƒ
    • Shuff: AAAAA-
    • Seismo 1: Shuff is not our Cookironi!
    • Seismo: Volectro!
    • Volectro 2: Yippee-kayay!
    • Seismo: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ- Help capture Shuff!
    • Volectro 2: (Looks at Seismo) I really was on your mother!
    • Seismo: šŸ˜±
    • Volectro 2: (Falls down) GASP! (Snorting)
    • Seismo: (Falls down)
    • Volectro (Western accent): Everyone back to the base, partner!
    • Shuff: šŸ˜Š Yeah! HAHAHA- (Runs "back to the base") abcdefghijklmnopQRSTUVWXYZ- Agh!
    • Volectro 3: Here lies Zorch! He ran fast, and died a Melon! (Shows Melon Arms)
    • (Zorch's head peeks out of the grave)
    • Zorch: ya shapeshifting ra- (Volectro 3 stomps on Zorch's head) Oof!
    • Volectro 3: AAAAAAAAAAAA- (Lands in front of Zaptor and gets up) Place a Dispenser here!
    • Zaptor: Yeah! (Moves spastically) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ- (Shapeshifts into a Dispenser) Cream gravy! (Electro-Sapper gets placed on Zaptor's face) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
    • (Volectro 3 runs away, laughing)
    • Volectro 4: (Takes off disguise and snorts)
    • Seismo 5: Volectro!
    • (Volectro 4 finds out that the Seismo clones are alive)
    • Seismo 5: I have plan for you.
    • Volectro 4: Oh no.
    • (Volectro 4 gets eaten by Seismo clones and screams)
    • (Volectro 2 and Shuff look at eachother)
    • Volectro 2: Mission accomplished!
    • (Volectro 2'and Shuff jump and high 5 eachother)

    The End.*

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  • Hello, Garmantx03. I have noticed that you have been adding fake information regarding this wiki such as your "Yellow Potato" and "SwaySway" pages. These however, are unfortunately all false information. And my job as bureaucrat, I have had to delete them. So please, put and end to these fake information pages.

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  • Hi, welcome to Mixels Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Hot Lava Shower/Transcript page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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