aka Railgun

  • I live in Academy City
  • My occupation is the Railgun of Tokiwadai
  • I am Level 5 Electromaster

Hello, I am Dadaw, and wellcome to my message wall, you able to ask me here qestions and more.


What you can doEdit

  • You can request
  • Ask me qestions
  • You can open with me a talk(not every kind of talk)

What you can't doEdit

  • Bully
  • Spam
  • Open a war



You can request for SuperMixel(dont use Superheroes or Mixels thet I use) and OC superMixels(you need to create OC superhero and OC mixel to do this)

Status: Open

LEGO Mixes and MurpsEdit

NOTES: No Mondo Mixes, since it is kind messy to make. You can request a LEGO Mixes and Murps, and even Maxes.

Status: Open

Mixels Scene in LEGO FormEdit

You can request from me to make one of the Mixels scene in LEGO Form

Status: Open

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