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Well, aren't you the helpful Mixel!

Mesmo is a Wiztastic Mixel.



Mesmo mostly takes the personality of a wise senior; smart, but shy. Mesmo likes staying in the background and not getting too much of the spotlight, and his dull appearance, lack of facial expressions, and depressing voice all add to it. Mesmo does act as a great friend though, helping out when he needs to.

Physical Appearance

Mesmo has a purple teardrop-shaped face with an upper jaw that extends over his top one. He has black lips and four bucked and spaced-out teeth that stick downwards. His lower jaw is mostly black with a purple stripe in the center, and it also has a black goatee. His eyes are on both sides of his head, and have small black witch hats for eyelids. His body is a half-moon shape that is mostly black, and his belly is light grey. He has sickle-shaped purple wings with blue bases. He has a small purple spine on the edge of his back. His legs are small, grey, and bowed. He has purple feet with two white claws on each. At his rear is a small grey tail with two blue spikes.



His wings allow him to fly. He can also drop magic spells with his tail.

Calling All Mixels

  • Ability mesmo liftup.png Liftoff: Take off with a powerful flap of your wings, damaging and knocking back enemies.
  • Ability mesmo balloondrop.png Balloon Burst: Trap nearby enemies in balloons that fly up and pop for damage.
  • Ability mesmo magicshower.png Fireball Flurry: Zoom up and shoot a series of fireballs that explode for area damage.


Early life

Little is known about Mesmo's past.

First adventures

At a party, he managed to get kidnapped by the Nixels, and had to be rescued to help rescue the other Mixels. ("Calling All Mixels")

Mesmo offers a cubit to a group of Mixels.

During an advertisement for one of their shows, Mesmo grew confused at Magnifo forgetting his lines and calmly left when Magnifo felt embarrassed. At the show, he juggled Rainbow Cubits, and was the only one to take notice of the Spikels and Glorp Corp running up the rafters. When it seemed hopeless to reach the Scorpi & Glurt Murp, he appeared with a cubit and Mixed with Torts, successfully catching the Murp. When a magic blast from Magnifo sent the rafters coming down, he landed as part of an upside-down pyramid along with the others after de-mixing from Torts. ("Murp Romp")

He Maxed with his Wiztastic brothers to fend off a swarm of Nixels that was caused by Magnifo's magic trick. ("Wiztastics Max!")

Further adventures

When Glomp had a bad cold, he was one of the Mixels that supported him and tried to make him feel better. ("Glomp's Gooey, Sneezy Cold!")

Mesmo was one of many Mixels who were forced to outrun the Nixelstorm and help shut it down. ("Mixels Rush")

Mesmo was one of almost all of the Mixels who searched and fought for the Mixamajig, and then captured by King Nixel. He Maxed with his branch of the Wiztastics in order to defeat him, and Mixopolis was revealed by the Weldos soon after. ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig")

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hooray." - Mesmo, Meet Mesmo
  • "Amazed." -Mesmo, Murp Romp

Set Information

Mesmo was released as part of the Series 3 Mixels sets in the September 2014 product wave. His product number is 41524 and he contains 64 pieces.

41524 Mesmo can be combined with 41525 Magnifo and 41526 Wizwuz to create the Wiztastics Max.

LEGO Shop product description

Drop spells from the tail of MESMO!

A traveling magic troupe, the Wiztastics tribe is known for putting on the most spectacular shows in the land! MESMO certainly looks the part with those expressive wizard-hat eyelids, goatee beard and a magic tail that drops spells. The only problem is that this magician’s assistant lacks showmanship. Help MESMO peacock those huge wings and steal the show!

  • Features opening mouth, wizard-hat eyelids, goatee beard, huge wings, translucent blue magic tail and posable joints
  • Collect all three members of the Wiztastics tribe to build the super Mixels tribe combo
  • Combine with 41518 GLOMP from the LEGO® Mixels™ Glorp Corp tribe for a crazy mixed-up Mixels creature
  • Go to LEGO.com/mixels for exclusive building instructions, animations, wallpapers and much more
  • Watch all your favorite Mixels characters on Cartoon Network
  • Play the game available for iOS and Android
  • Stands over 2” (7cm) tall

Sidebar description

Meet MESMO, with wizard-hat eyelids and magic tail, one of three members of the Wiztastics tribe featured in LEGO® Mixels™ Series 3 sets.

In-Booklet code

Mesmo's in-booklet code for Calling All Mixels is W1NG1NG1T, which is WingingIt when decoded. Once entered, it will unlock 25 Cubits and Fireball Flurry.


  • His head is drawn at an angle, to make his overbite still visible even when he is facing forwards.
  • A recurring background motif of his is multicolored helium balloons on strings.
  • In the TV series, he has a purple tongue, but in LEGO, his tongue is black.
  • In Calling All Mixels, he, Zorch and Flurr are the only Mixels to have two Mixes.
  • On the Mixels Mania game on the LEGO Mixels website, he is only playable in the Nixel Knockout game, due to only having Mixes and no Murps.
  • Judging by his goatee and his personality, he could be an older Mixel.

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Mesmo's name is a pun on the word "mesmerize". He also shares his name with the Ninjago (another LEGO theme) character Mezmo, a Hypnobrai Serpentine; just spelled differently.

He somewhat resembles an owl or a crow.


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, Mesmo's voice is provided by Carlos Alazraqui.

Real-life history

Mesmo appeared with the rest of Series 1 through 3 at Toy Fairs in late January and early February 2014.

Mesmo debuted in the TV series on August 31, 2014 in Murp Romp, while his LEGO set officially became available on August 1 with the rest of Series 3.


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  1. "Mixed Up Special": "Murp Romp" When the Spikels and the Glorp Corp chase the Murp into the Wiztastics' show tent, Mesmo and Wizwuz are seen juggling rainbow Cubits.
  2. "Calling All Mixels": "Meet Mesmo" After Mesmo cheers, colorful balloons appear in the background. He is also seen with a balloon in the "Mesmo Is Upset" cutscene.
  3. "Mixed Up Special: Murp Romp": He has a rainbow Cubit to help Torts catch the Scorpi & Glurt Murp.

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