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There are tons of merchandise sold, made for the Mixels franchise. Most of the merchandise are based on the TV series. Here is a list of them.


Main article: Mixels (theme)

LEGO has the official license to make toys for Mixels from Cartoon Network, and is involved so much that people are often confused whether LEGO or Cartoon Network developed the franchise. However, both of them are equally involved in the development of the franchise. The toys consist of buildable versions of the characters. There have been nine series released, with nine sets per series (three tribes, three Mixels per tribe).


There are several books that have been published to support the property by DK and other companies, with the LEGO branding.



There are Mixels t-shirts available, as seen below. All of them so far are sized for young boys.


As shown below, there are Mixels posters.

Gel Pens

There are Mixels gel pens, as shown below: one pack with two, and another with three.

Sticker Packs

There are Mixels sticker packs, as shown below.


Mixels bookmarks exist, as seen below. Some are exclusive to Russia.

Party Favor Stickers

There are a few Mixel stickers that are recommended for party use, as displayed below. 


There are Mixels temporary tattoos, as shown below: one pack with 25 tattoos, and another with 75 tattoos.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

There are Mixel-themed toothbrushes available in a 2-pack, along with toothpaste to go with it, as displayed below.

Bath & Shower Gel

There is Mixels bath and shower gel available, as displayed below.

Party Decorations

Decorations for birthday parties, such as dishes, invitations, and party bags exist, as displayed below.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes and accessories for young boys are known to exist, as displayed below.

Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit

Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit for children are known to exist, as displayed below.

Inline Scooter

There are Mixels inline scooters available, as displayed below.


Hooded poncho robes for young boys are known to exist, as displayed below.


Pajama sets for young boys are known to exist, as displayed below.


A single bed reversable duvet cover and pillow set is known to exist, as seen below.


Backpacks are known to exist, as seen below.


Three Russia-only sold watches exist, one that has a digital interface change, one a disc launcher, and the other a standard digital watch, as seen below.


Exclusive to Australia, a Mixels showbag was created. It contained a backpack, a lunchbox, a stationary set, a stationary tin, a baseball cap, and a LEGO set. The contents can be seen below.

Pencil Bags

Mixels Pencil bags are known to exist, as seen below.

Art Supplies

Various Mixels art supplies exist in foreign countries, like Poland, as seen below.

Display Sign

A Mixels display sign is known to exist.


Main article: Mixels (VCD)

A promotional VCD disc containing various episodes was given out in Poland.


  • Most, if not all, merchandise based around the TV series uses the regular static art or one of the action poses of the Season 1 characters, rather than having any custom art designed for it.
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