Meltus & Burnard Murp 2
Vector Meltus and Burnard Murp 2 by RC
Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
First Mixel Meltus
Second Mixel Burnard
Ability Unknown

The second Meltus & Burnard Murp is a Murp that made his debut in Mixel Moon Madness.

Physical Appearance

This Murp has two of Burnard's eyes and two of Meltus' eyes, with Burnard's eyes in the middle and Meltus' eyes beside Burnard's eyes. The Murp has a tail with fire coming out of the nozzle on the tip, as well as Burnard's horns, Meltus' nose on top with a triangular tip, and many sharp teeth on his upper jaw and flat teeth on his lower jaw. He also has Meltus' feet and Burnard's arms on his lower body, one of Burnard's arms on the right side of his body, and Meltus' arms on his head.


Mixel Moon Madness

In Mixel Moon Madness, Flamzer, on accident, started a forest freeze. Meltus tried to melt all the ice, while Burnard looked for a Cubit. When he finally did, Meltus and Burnard tried Mixing, but Murped instead. They tried again but Murped the second time. As Meltus considers giving up, Burnard pipes up and holds the cubit with his arm and Meltus's tail, and they finally fuse properly.


  • Similar to the Meltus & Burnard Murp 1, he seems to be controllable.
  • On Miranda Dressler's concept art for the Murp, the two left teeth are colored orange and the Murp appears to have a second mouth with Meltus' top teeth on the top of it.


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