Medivals Max
Midevels Cartoon MAX!
Appearances Unknown
Primary Mixel Camillot
Secondary Mixel Mixadel
Tertiary Mixel Paladum
Purpose(s) Unknown
Ability(ies) Catapult objects

The Medivals Max is a Max that will debut in 2016.

Physical Appearance

This Max resembles Paladum the most.

Set Information

Medivals Max trans

Medivals Max in LEGO form

The Medivals Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets 41557 Camillot, 41558 Mixadel, and 41559 Paladum. Extra parts are left over after construction. Instructions are available on the LEGO website downloads page.


  • He somewhat resembles a dragon.
  • He uses one flag each from the three Medivals, as ears and a tongue.
  • So far, he, and the Mixies Max, are the only Series 7 Maxes who are yet to appear in the show.


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