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Sorry, I missed you. - Postman Zorch
Shuff, reading Zorch's note

Mailman is the eighth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on March 12, 2014.


Frustrated Cragsters must join together to catch a lightning fast mailman: Zorch.[1]

Episode Summary


Shuff orders a Teddy Butterfly online so he can complete his collection of Ceramic Figurines. Zorch keeps intentionally missing the delivery, which angers Shuff. Shuff calls Seismo to help stop Zorch. Seismo places a giant boulder in place of an entrance to the Mine to stop Zorch, which fails, as Zorch just runs up it.

Catch Zorch.gif

Shuff calls Krader to help and Krader decides they will dig underground and surprise Zorch when he runs by. This fails, however. Shuff comes to the conclusion that they need to Max to catch Zorch. The Cragsters Max and catch Zorch. The Teddy Butterfly is delivered and Shuff accidentally smashes it out of excitement.


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Major Characters



Broadcast Information

This episode aired on March 12, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "In and Out" and received a total of 1.740 million viewers.

International airings

International airings
March 2014
Date Countries Title Reference
12 United States Mailman
Canada Mailman [citation needed]
24 Germany Der Postbote [2]
Hungary A postás [3]
Romania Poștașul [4]
25 South Korea 소포 왔어요! [5]
??? Australia Mailman
Brazil Carteiro
Bulgaria Пощальонът
Denmark Postbud
France Le facteur
Hong Kong TBA
India TBA
Israel TBA
Italy Il postino
Japan 届かない荷物
Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
MENA countries ساعي البريد
Netherlands De postbode
Norway Postmann
Poland Listonosz
Portugal Carteiro
Russia Почтальон
South Africa Mailman
South East Asia Mailman
Spain El Cartero
Sweden Brevbäraren
Taiwan TBA
Turkey Postacı
United Kingdom & Ireland Mailman



  • On the site photo, the Teddy Butterfly's ears are depicted as pink instead of dull white.
  • When Shuff says "Guys", his mouth doesn't move at first.
  • During the Max transformation, Shuff's crystal is briefly disconnected from his head.
  • When Shuff wiggles his feet when crying, his feet switch places.
  • When Krader is pointing upwards with his smaller hand, he has an extra finger.
  • Like in Wrong Colors, Shuff's eye is connected to his lower jaw.
  • When Zorch first zooms past the screen, the background is unfinished towards the right of the screen.


  • Whac-A-Mole - When Zorch bounces on the Cragsters, it is similar to the popular game of Whac-A-Mole.

Memorable Quotes

— Shuff
Time to crush your rush!
Cragsters Max
Package for Shuff...
I GOT IT! My plan worked! Woo-hoo! Oh yeah!
— Shuff



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