Mixopolis City Police Department
Tribe banner MCPD
Series 7
Color Blue
Home MCPD Station (police officers)
MCPD Police Academy (rookies)
Occupation Law enforcement Mixels
Leader Sergeant
Kuffs (of his branch)
Another case closed by the MCPD!
Mixopolis Music Mix-Up!

The MCPD (Mixopolis City Police Department), also shortened to simply The Mixopolis Police,[1] are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are blue, white and black in color, and are based on law enforcement.


Protect and serve the residents of Mixopolis with the crew from the MCPD tribe, as they patrol the streets of the city and try to keep everyone in line!


Image Name Description
Sergeant vector Sergeant Kuffs' superior.
Kuffscartoon Kuffs A dedicated chief of the MCPD tribe with his long arm of the law.
Bustocartoon Busto A friendly member who is cute and easily persuaded by the prisoners.
Tiketzcartoon Tiketz A speedy member who is completely eager to make arrests.



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King Nixel King Nixel transparent / Major Nixel Vector Major Nix without stick in MR by RC Major Nixel trans / Muscle Nixel Muscle Nixel transparent / Slap Nixel FlyswatterNixelTransparent / Boomerang Nixel Boomerang Nixel/ Cannon Nixel Cannon Nixel / Boxing Nixel Questionmarkforunknowncharacter / Catch Up Nixel Catch up nixel vector / Painted Nixels Painted Nixels TRANS / Tentacle Nixel Tentacle nixel vector / Nixie Nixie vector / Nixel Guard Vector Robo-Colossal Nixel Guard by RC

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Sergeant / Kuffs / Busto / Tiketz
MCPD Station / MCPD Police Academy / Coffee / Donuts
Mixels Series 7 (February 2016)

LEGO sets

41554 Kuffs Product IMG Serie7 41554 / 41555 Busto Product IMG Serie7 41555 (Nixel) / 41556 Tiketz Product IMG Serie7 41556 (Cookironi)
MCPD Max MCPD max trans

41557 Camillot Product IMG Serie7 41557 / 41558 Mixadel Product IMG Serie7 41558 / 41559 Paladum Product IMG Serie7 41559 (Nixel)
Medivals Max Medivals Max trans

41560 Jamzy Product IMG Serie7 41560 (Nixel) / 41561 Tapsy Product IMG Serie7 41561 / 41562 Trumpsy Product IMG Serie7 41562
Mixies Max Mixies Max trans

TV episodes

Every Knight Has Its Day


Wild Cookeroni Chase in Downtown Mixopolis! / The Music Prank

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