8 mcfdmax
Fan-made interpretation by JacKobOriginal.
Appearances Nixel, Nixel, Go Away (mentioned)
Primary Mixel Splasho
Secondary Mixel Aquad
Tertiary Mixel Hydro
Purpose(s) Rescue a Mixie Cat from a burning building (supposedly)
Ability(ies) Unknown
Earlier today, three members of the Mixopolis fire brigade announced that they can max into an awesome fire vehicle in less than a minute. The vehicle comes complete with a fire ladder, wheels, several emergency lights, and some really big…teeth!?
— LEGO website, Mixopolis Breaking News

The MCFD Max is a Max that did not appear in the cartoon, but, was mentioned in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away.

Physical Appearance

Overall, this max resembles Hydro the most.

Set Information


MCFD Max in LEGO form

The MCFD Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets 41563 Splasho, 41564 Aquad, and 41565 Hydro. Extra parts are left over after construction. Instructions are available on the LEGO website downloads page.


  • He is the thickest Max.
  • He resembles a fire truck. His LEGO instructions also show that he can transform into what looks like a fire truck.
  • He bares a large resemblance to the 2014 Infernites Max, despite their elements are the opposites of each other.
  • He resembles a beaver.
  • At Nuremburg Toy Fair, his feet were posed backwards, the wing pieces his eyes connect to were upside down, and the ladder on his back was absent.
    • However, this is because the ladder pieces were accidentally used on the Medix Max.


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