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Not to be confused with the MCPD.

The MCFD (Mixopolis City Fire Department) are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are red and yellow in color, and are based on fire fighting.


Fight fires on the ground in the air and everywhere with Mixopolis' MCFD tribe!


Image Name Description
Fire Chief.png Fire Chief Splasho's superior.
Splashocartoon.png Splasho The slow moving commander of the MCFD, with a big mouth to shout orders and aim water at fires.
Aquadcartoon.png Aquad A MCFD Mixel with a perfect bird's eye view of Mixopolis to extinguish fires.
Hydrocartoon.png Hydro The forgetful member of the MCFD with a jaw that can expand as long as he wants.


The following contains the episodes in which three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leader, or commander, is Splasho.
    • However, his fire chief was reported to by Splasho as his de facto leader.
  • Like the Infernites, Frosticons, Glorp Corp, Orbitons, Klinkers, Weldos, MCPD and Trashoz, they are the primary tribe of their series.
  • Their tribe name is the second one ever to be an acronym; the first being the MCPD. In fact, besides one word/letter, their tribe name is almost the same.
  • They, alongside the Infernites, share the primary color scheme of red. Ironically, the MCFD are the opposite of the Infernites in concept.
  • All of the tribe members' names are associated with water in some way.


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