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The Lixers are a primitive Mixel tribe in MixelsThey are marked by their impressive tongues, which are very large and noticable. The tribe does not have a leader, and all of the Lixers are equal members of the tribe. They are yellow and orange in color with bright red tongues.


The Lixers are a long-tongued Mixel tribe with a taste for all things fun, wacky, and mixelicious.



Image Name Description
41542 SPUGG a.png Spugg

A super-curious and playful Lixer with a rotating head.

41543 TURG a.png Turg A member who looks like an experiment gone very, very wrong with the longest tongue of them all.
Tungster standing up.png Tungster A wing-headed member that can majestically soar with his thickest tongue.


Image Name Description
Background Lixer Mixel.png Lixeon A background Lixer.
Another lixer guy.jpeg N/A A background Lixer.
LixerHeadVectorByDerek.png N/A A background Lixer head used to heal Krog's pain.


The following contains the episodes in which three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their tribe name is most likely a combination of the words '"lick"' and '"mixers"'.
  • They are based off of animals, with each being based on a specific animal: Spugg being a dog, Turg being a frog, and Tungster being a bird.
  • They are the second tribe to live in a swamp; the first being the Glorp Corp.
  • Despite their primitiveness, they still have access to modern utilities, such as a kitchen, as seen in one of the LEGO videos.
    • This may suggest that they are not completely primitive. 
  • In the prototype designs for all three Lixers, the currently-bright orange parts are yellow instead, similar to the Electroids.


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