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Background Lixer Mixel

Nurse lixeon

Debut Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Last Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Lixers
Position Member
Gender Preference  ?
Color Yellow
Special Features Short size
Three head spikes
Likes  ?
Dislikes  ?
Quote  ?
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?

Lixeon is a Lixer Mixel.


Physical Appearance

Lixeon has a small semi-cirular body which has his mouth with an overbite and eyes. His arms are yellow with grey pincers. His legs are yellow with orange toes. Around his eyes are three orange spikes around it.


  • Unlike the core three Lixers, Lixeon does not have a prominent tongue.
  • He is the only background Mixel that is a Lixer.

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Lixeon's Name is a Mix of the corruption of "Lick" and the word "Eon".


Real-life history


Lixeon Debuted in the TV series October 1, 2016 in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away. He does not have a LEGO set.


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