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Living Flames
Living Flame TRANS.png
Debut Coconapple
Last Appearance Nixels
Nicknames (aka) None
Tribe None
Position None
Gender Preference Unknown
Color Orange
Special Features Flame
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Quote None
Voice Actor None
Game Abilities None

Living Flames are creatures that look like flares with eyes. They inhabit the Infernite Kingdom.


Living Flames are a gradient combination of orange, red, and yellow. They look like small campfires without logs. They have black eyes which always seem to be closed.



A few appear in the establishing shot of the Infernite Kingdom.

Hot Lava Shower

A few appear in the establishing shot. Vulk also has one attached to a scrub-brush stick that he uses in the shower.


A few of them appear in the establishing shot of the Infernite Kingdom.


  • On the Cartoon Network website, they appear near a lava pool. When clicked on, one reveals an Infernite cubit, while the others contain Nixels.
  • Without their flame bodies, they appear as yellow versions of their eyes.
  • Despite being living entities, they do not seem to move anywhere, and are motionless life forms; with the exception of their moving, fiery bodies.
  • Many online wallpapers contain Living Flames as a background motif, regardless of the tribe. Most of the time, they end up tinted as a color that relates to that tribe.
  • They are the only shown creature to not be based on a real life animal.
  • It is unknown what became of them after the shift to Mixopolis.


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TV series

Season 1






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