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===[[Mixels (TV series)|TV series]]===
===[[Mixels (TV series)|TV series]]===
====Season 1====
====[[Season 1]]====
*[[Cookironi (episode)|Cookironi]]
*[[Cookironi (episode)|Cookironi]]

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The large rock is an object in Mixel Land mostly used for celebrations or for hanging out.

Physical Appearance

The large rock appears as a large greyish-tan slab of rock with various cliffs. It rests on the top of a hill.



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The Series 1 Mixels used the large rock for a spot to rest while they ate cookironis.

Calling All Mixels

This was the location of the Mix Festival, which all the Mixels (save for Flain, who arrived late) celebrated on until they were sucked up by the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer & captured.

The rock being used for celebration.


TV series

Season 1




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