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[[Category:Mixels with Headgears]]
[[Category:Mixels with Headgears]]
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[[Category:Mixels with hats]]
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Karmm artwork
Debut  ?
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe  ?
Position  ?
Gender Preference Male
Color Yellow
Special Features  ?
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Quote  ?
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?
File:Wuzzo Set.png
Series 6
Item Number 41545
Packaging  ?
No. of Pieces  ?
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code  ?

Kramm is a Mixel from a construction tribe.




Physical Appearance






Memorable Quotes

​None so far.

Set Information

Kramm will be released as part of the Mixels sets in the September 2015 product wave. His product number is 41545.


  • His name appears to be a misspelling of the word "cram".
  • He is the second Mixel to use a minifigure head for a cycloptic eye, with Boogly being the first.
  • He is the first Mixel with only one hand, as one of them is replaced with a jackhammer. His regular hand is similar to Krader's large one. Just like Vulk, Krader, VolectroSlumboTortsHoogiMagnifo, and Rokit, his powers are shown through his hands and he often uses his hands to defend against Nixels.
  • His mouth structure strongly resembles that of a rock crushing tool.
  • He is the first two-legged Mixel to have legs without ball joint connection.


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