Krader & Volectro Murp
First Mixel Krader
Second Mixel Volectro
Ability Can smash his head on the ground, creating an electrical shockwave

The Krader & Volectro Murp is a Murp that has not yet appeared in the series, but has appeared on

Physical Appearance

The Murp has Krader's bottom of his body, with his arm being used like a neck, and Volectro's hair as a tail. On the legs are Volectro's hands replacing Krader's legs, but without the nails. The head has a yellow tube-like bottom with Krader's head with two teeth at the top and Volectro's teeth at the bottom, Volectro's fingernails on Krader's body, and two orange-yellow arms with yellow hands. Krader's gold and grey highlights at the back are also missing.


  • The Murp appears to be the most "normal," as he seems to be controllable and can attack normally, and only seems to be a Murp as he gets hurt in doing so.
  • He and the Slumbo & Kraw Murp seem to be the only Murps that can control themselves.
  • He somewhat resembles the Krader & Teslo Mix.


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