Krader & Flain Mix
Cartoon Appearances Murp
Primary Mixel Krader
Secondary Mixel Flain
Purpose To get to a BBQ party (Murp)
Ability Feet can spin around to boost forward in a flash.

The Krader & Flain Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Murp.

Physical Appearance

This mix mostly resembles Krader. It has two red rods on his feet, which are attached to a circular body with a golden and triangular piece. He also has Flain's body and Krader's head. On the top of the head, there is Krader's arm with fire coming out of it, and reddish highlights instead of gold.



After causing a Murp which made the two go on fire, they decided to Mix again in order to make a successful Mix. The Mix then appears, and then the Mix starts to speed up by rotating his feet. He then runs onto water and heads to the barbecue, and then crashes into the party, causing them to split and coat everyone in ashes from the impact. Teslo's Volt-O-Meter then switches from fun to lame, and then the episode ends.



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