QUICK! Digdig!
— Krader
Debut  ?
Last Appearance  ?
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Tribe  ?
Position  ?
Gender Preference Male
Color Black
Special Features  ?
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Game Abilities  ?

Krader is a Cragsters Mixel.


Super-strong Krader is one tough Mixel who can bulldoze through rock and dig deep pits to trap Nixels.



Krader, along with Shuff and Seismo, are seen popping their heads up from underground and laughing in the intro. Later on, they are laughing together when they suddenly get knocked over by the Seismo/Zorch mix.


Krader and the other mixels are eating cookironis when Flain gives him the last cookironi. He escapes, and is about to eat it when Zorch takes it and Krader breaks his teeth. He later mixes with Shuff and Seismo into the Cragster max and fights the Infernite max and the Electroid max for the cookironi. They eventually de-fuse out of exhaustion and Zorch sits on the last cookironi. The mixels then see a Nixel with a box of cookironis and chase after it.


Krader, Shuff, and Seismo participate in a digging contest. Seismo and Shuff complete the contest, then realize that Krader is missing. At the same time Krader digs too deep down and discovers the Electroid land. Then, the Electroids take him. Seismo and Shuff dig their way down and eventually find him being zapped by the Electroids. Seismo and Shuff think they are sacrificing him, but they are really preparing for a dance party, and Krader says he agreed to the preparation ritual. Seismo and Shuff then participate in the dance party with Krader and the Electroids. The two tribes mix into their MAX forms, and after the Cragster MAX proclaims it is a better dancer, the two MAXes decide to compete against one another.


Krader and Flain are at a river, trying to get to the barbecue party on the other side. Flain proclaims they have a Cubit, but Krader says that "Sometime work, Sometime no". He then tries to mix with Flain but end up as a murp. The murp is set aflame and runs into the river to cool off. Then he successfully mixes with Flain and crosses the river, but ruins the barbecue party and burns everyone.

Set Information

Krader was released as one of the Mixels sets in the March 2014 product wave. His product number was 41503.


  • His name is a play on the word crater.
  • He was the Cragster mixel to come with a Nixel.





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