Klinkers Theme
Song by Kiara Geller
Released September 26, 2015
Genre(s) Classical
Length 0:31
Previous Chase for the Key
Next Klinkers Captains of Industry
Mixels - Soundtracks - Klinkers Theme ("Waltz")

Mixels - Soundtracks - Klinkers Theme ("Waltz")

The Klinkers Theme[1] is a piece of background music that, as the name applies, creates a theme and overall idea around the Klinkers. It is heard at the beginning of the second act of A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.


  • This soundtrack was originally released on Kiara Geller's SoundCloud back in July 2015 with the release of Series 5 (presumably when he began working on the score for the episode) under the title Waltz with a different icon to suggest no relation to Mixels.
  • This soundtrack, in one part of the beginning, has a part of the leitmotif of Chase for the Key that only plays once.

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