Klinkers Murp
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Appearances A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
First Mixel Gox
Second Mixel Jinky
Ability Spin around

The Klinkers Murp is a Murp that made its debut in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.

Physical Appearance

The Murp resembles Gox with a brown, cone-like body. The lower body appears to be Gox's underbite with a black line, Jinky's wheels, and Gox's claw legs on it. He has one eye, Gox's moustache, and his mouth. His head has Jinky's top and wheel, a gear with one of Gox's fingers on it, and Kamzo's right hand on the sides of his head. He has Jinky's right hand with one of Gox's fingers replacing one of the fingers and Kamzo's left hand.


A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig

When the Klinkers tried to get away from the Frosticons, the Glorp Corp and Munchos, they fell into a swamp in Lixer Land. While they were stuck, Tungster came and licked the Klinkers. Gox felt uncomfortable with this and pulled out a Klinker Cubit to Max. However, this resulted with this Murp. When this happened, Turg appeared and licked the Murp. Fortunately, it was saved by the Krog & Slusho Mix.


  • He is the eleventh Murp to appear in the series, and the eighth Murp to appear in the show.
  • He is the first, and currently only Murp consisted of each member of a tribe.


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