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We were captains of industry, sleek and polished, state of the art. We had all the bells and whistles, baby.
— Gox

Klinkers[1] Incorporated are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They look very robotic and have a steampunk theme. They are brown, silver, and gold in color.

As of late, the company has died due to lack of interest. However, the Klinkers still live in their town to this day, determined to get back on top. Their symbol is a large golden wheel.


The Klinkers are like Mixels from another age — the Steam Age. They are all about power, mechanics, and taking action.



Image Name Description
41536 GOX a.png Gox A royal-treated leader of the Klinkers that has a rotating eye and a golden mustache.
41537 JINKY a.png Jinky An aging heavy metal star with long arms and walks like a living boiling room.
41538 KAMZO a.png Kamzo A worked up member with his rotating wrenched left hand.


Image Name Description
Tyecoon.png Tyecoon A background Klinker.
Principal vector.png Principal Knave, the principal of Mixopolis Middle School.
Koggpact A background Klinker who shares a model with Banjoe.
Unknown haired klinker vector.png
Gajet A background Klinker who shares a model with Muffy.
Crunchee like klinker vector.png Steelven A background Klinker who shares a model with Crunchee.
Steemur Vector by ZT20.png Steemur A student attending Mixopolis Middle School.
Vector Klinker Thornee by RC.png Gurdurr A background Klinker who shares a model with Thornee.
Recolored Lixeon(Klinkers).png Zinck A background Klinker who shares a model with Lixeon.


The following list contains the episode in which all three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leader, or boss, is Gox.
  • Their name comes from "clink", the sound that metal makes when hit and "tinker", one who travels and invents. It may also come from "clinker", a term for a coating formed over metal during extreme temperatures.
  • The original three make metal creaking and hydraulic hissing noises when they move.
  • They appear to be elder Mixels, as Gox mentions that they were better and sleeker in their heydays of the past.
  • They have their own instrumental theme.
  • In A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, they were at first portrayed as antagonists when they stole the Mixamajig Key and ran away with it, until they reformed when the Krog & Slusho Mix saved them from the Lixers.
  • They have a district in Mixopolis themed around clocks.
  • Their tribe was originally spelled as "Clinkers".
  • They are the only tribe of Series 5 to have a leader in the main three members, for the Lixers don't have a leader and the Frosticon cousins have Flurr from 2014 as their leader.
  • This is the only tribe where neither the original 3 members, or the Max can move their mouths on their LEGO models.


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