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Full version of King Nixel

Fully Slimed up King Nixel

Le frozen


Mixelized King Nixel


You won't get away with this

Debut Mixel Moon Madness
Last Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka) Ominous Shadow[1]
Fearsome figure
King Nix
Your Highness (Major Nixel)
Your Hugeness (Major Nixel)
Your Bossiness (Major Nixel)
His Royal Highhorse (Major Nixel)
Your Flatulence (Major Nixel)
Tiny (Glorp Corp Max)
Your Heinousness (Major Nixel)
Your Pushiness (Major Nixel)
Your Egregiousness (Major Nixel)
Your Wickedness (Major Nixel)
Sire (Major Nixel)
A jerk (Combustor)
Great King Nixel (Japanese translation of name)
Nixel King
That Guy (Zabo)
Tribe Nixels
Position King
Gender Preference Male
Color Black
Special Features Moustache
Crystal crown
Spiked pauldrons
Nixel limbs
Likes Order
Ruining fun and creativity
Destroying all the Cubits
His mother
Dislikes Mixels
When his Major fails him
Quote "You won't get away with this! MOMMY!!"
Voice Actor Phil Hayes (Mixel Moon Madness)
Steve Blum (A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away)
Game Abilities  ?


King Nixel King Nixel transparent / Major Nixel Vector Major Nix without stick in MR by RC Major Nixel trans / Muscle Nixel Muscle Nixel transparent / Slap Nixel FlyswatterNixelTransparent / Boomerang Nixel Boomerang Nixel/ Cannon Nixel Cannon Nixel / Boxing Nixel Questionmarkforunknowncharacter / Catch Up Nixel Catch up nixel vector / Painted Nixels Painted Nixels TRANS / Tentacle Nixel Tentacle nixel vector / Nixie Nixie vector / Nixel Guard Vector Robo-Colossal Nixel Guard by RC

Other Species

Maximum Mixel Shadow Oracle transparent / Mixamals Borer prey vector/ Living Flames Living Flame TRANS / Chickens BACKAWCK

King Nixel / Major Nixel
Boomerang Nixel / Boxing Nixel / Cannon Nixel / Catch Up Nixel / Slap Nixel / Muscle Nixel / Painted Nixels / Tentacle Nixel / Nixie / Nixel Guard
Cupcake / Egg-Rock / King Nixel's Airship / Cloud Ship/Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer / The Chosen One (Maximum Mixel shadow puppet / Mixamajig / Mixamajig Key) / Nixelstorm / I-Cubit / I-Cubit Building / Nixel Spawner / Nixels Land / Ultimate Nixelator / Shockotrons

King Nixel Theme / Nixel Invasion
Mixels Series 6 (October 2015)

LEGO sets

41545 Kramm 41545 KRAMM B / 41546 Forx 41546 FORX B / 41547 Wuzzo 41547 WUZZO B (King Nixel)
Weldos Max Weldos Max trans

Glorp Corp cousins
41548 Dribbal 41548 DRIBBLE B / 41549 Gurggle 41549 GURGLE B (Cubit) / 41550 Slusho 41550 SLURT B (Nixel)
Glorp Corp Max Glorp Corp Max 2015 trans

41551 Snax 41551 SNAX B / 41552 Berp 41552 BERP B (Nixel) / 41553 Vaka-Waka 41553 VAKAWAKA B
Munchos Max Munchos Max trans

TV episodes

A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig


The Weldos MAX at Work! / The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch!

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