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|likes= Order<br>Ruining fun and creativity<br>Destroying all the [[Cubits]]<br>His mother
|likes= Order<br>Ruining fun and creativity<br>Destroying all the [[Cubits]]<br>His mother
|dislikes = [[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]]<br>When his [[Major Nixel|Major]] fails him<br>[[Max]]es<br>[[Cubits]]
|dislikes = [[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]]<br>When his [[Major Nixel|Major]] fails him<br>[[Max]]es<br>[[Cubits]]
|image = [[File:King Nixel transparent.png|175px]]<br>
|image = [[File:king nixel transparent.png|175px]]<br>
No moustache=[[File:Mustachelessking.png|250px]]
No moustache=[[File:Mustachelessking.png|250px]]
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|voice = [[Phil Hayes]] ([[Mixel Moon Madness]])<br>[[Steve Blum]] ([[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]], [[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]])
|voice = [[Phil Hayes]] ([[Mixel Moon Madness]])<br>[[Steve Blum]] ([[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]], [[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]])
|name = hacked brat}}
{{Quote|Nixels don't like to [[Mix]] or [[Max]]... that's far too creative. But sometimes they're so cross that they can't help it! The result is KING NIXEL, a colossal force of whiny negativity and destruction. Whatever the Mixels have planned, King Nixel is putting a stop to it!|Defeat King Nixel! Sept-Oct 2015 LEGO Club Magazine}}
'''King Nixel''' was the [[Leaders|leader]] of the [[Nixels (creature)|Nixels]] swarm, and the main antagonist of the ''[[Mixels (franchise)|Mixels]]'' franchise.
King Nixel was a dark and powerful tyrant that would do anything to ruin fun in the [[Mixelverse]]. He was so intimidating that even just the sight of him made his own army shake in fear, faint, or bow immediately.
However, while undisguised, King Nixel was whiny and weak.
===Physical Appearance===
King Nixel presented himself as a tall and limber Nixel. His face is made up of the body of a flat-topped square Nixel with small pincers on the sides of his head, with a bushy black mustache and thick black eyebrows. His body is a long black cloak with pointy shoulder pauldrons, which concealed the fact that it is actually made out of other Nixels. His hands and fingers are dark grey, while his fingers have sharp white tips. He wears a dark grey crystal-like crown on his head.
Without his disguise, he is simply a small flat-topped Nixel. His feet are more rounded than standard Nixels and he still has the small pincers on the sides of his armor. His limbs are grey, instead of the standard black. His eyebrows are pointier than standard Nixels'.
King Nixel became ruler of the [[Nixels (creature)|Nixels]] sometime in the past, whom he gathered to rid the world of color and creativity. He often sent [[Major Nixel]] to raid [[Planet Mixel|Mixel Land]] and steal all of the [[Cubits]] so the [[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]] couldn't fight back.
[[File:NNGA 143.png|King Nixel and the [[Nindjas Max]] do battle in flashback.|thumb|left]]
At some point after that, he and the legendary Mixel heroes, the [[Nindjas]], had an encounter; however, the specifics of it are not clear.
[[File:OH_CRUD.jpg|The Major looks up at his King, frightened.|thumb]]
{{Quote|If King Nixel gets word of this, he's going to blow his top!|Major Nixel}}
Major Nixel, long thought to be the leader of the Nixels, went to report the activity of Mixels on the [[Mixel Moon|moon]] to his now-known superior, but even he was afraid as the King moved toward him. ("[[Mixel Moon Madness]]")
King Nixel once assembled a maze for [[Wuzzo]] to try and cut through, to prevent the Mixel from reaching him. ("Defeat King Nixel!")
====The Nixelstorm====
{{Quote|Aaargh... very well, Major. Start your repairs, and expect my arrival soon. I will PERSONALLY be there to check on your progress!|King Nixel to Major Nixel after several failed [[Nixelstorm]] attempts}}
Under the King, Major Nixel unleashed a Nixelstorm on the Mixels, in order to separate them from each other. This plan backfired, however, and the Major was defeated too many times. King Nixel then decided to take control of the [[Cloud Ship]] himself, but even that failed and it crashed into the [[Swamplands]]. ("[[Mixels Rush]]")
====The Mixamajig====
[[File:Be_like_Nixel-_Volectro_the_mixel.PNG|thumb|left|The King's army bows down to him.]]
Fed up with more failed plots by his Major, King Nixel took matters into his own hands. He sent a [[Egg-Rock|metal capsule]] to [[Muncholand]], and a [[Frosticons#2015|group]] [[Glorp Corp#2015|of]] [[Munchos|Mixels]] found it. Voicing the [[Maximum Mixel]] shadow puppet hologram within it, King tricked the Mixels into going to find the lost "[[Mixamajig]]" to "fullfill their wildest Mixing dreams". This led them, including many other Mixels, into his trap.
He then began to battle it out with their [[Max]]es, using an upgraded form made up by his minions. The Maxes then transformed into the [[Ultra-Miximum Max]] and defeated the King. This revealed that he himself was just a normal-sized Nixel. He then ran away crying to his mother, vowing revenge. ("[[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]]")
===The final battle===
{{Quote|Nixels? That name sounds familiar. Ah, here it is. It seems we have met before. King Nixel. Now what brings you to Mixopolis?|[[Mysto]]}}
[[File:NNGA 160.png|thumb|right|King Nixel introducing the [[I-Cubit]].]]
Failing to gather up all the Mixels to trap them, King Nixel's new plan was to ruin [[Mixopolis]] and turn it into "Nixopolis." His plan was to spread negativity through the city, trick the Mixels to get [[I-Cubit]]s and discard their regular [[Cubits]] to extract their essence, and then completely nix the city.
While the King's plan was a success, [[Booger]] [[Zabo|and]] [[Blip|his]] [[Scrud|friends]] infiltrated the [[I-Cubit Building]] to reverse the effects of nixing by dancing. As Booger swapped the holder containing an I-Cubit with his regular Cubit to turn the city back to normal, the King trapped him in a missile and launched him off. This took away the city's essence of color and creativity until Booger managed to break free, spilling the essence onto the city. The essence hit the King and two Nixels, "mixelizing" the three of them.
As a last resort, King Nixel escaped his full body to hop onto his small rocket and flee. He then crashed into the [[Tungster & Slusho Mix]], painfully admitting surrender for the first time as he was destroyed. Meanwhile, although he himself was defeated, his Major managed to escape the city and headed on a long vacation. ("[[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]]")
==Memorable Quotes==
*"NIX. NIX. MIXELS!" - King Nixel, [[Mixel Moon Madness]]
*''"Haha! These obstacles will stop that clumsy [[Wuzzo]] for sure!"'' - King Nixel, ''Defeat King Nixel!''
*''"SILENCE! Look at them. They're working TOGETHER to get home!"'' - King Nixel, [[Mixels Rush]]
*''"[[Major]], you've clearly left me no choice. Next time, I'll take matters into my own hands from the start!"'' - King Nixel, Mixels Rush
*''"Mixels...Mixels...Mixels everywhere! With their candy-like assortment of colors, their nauseating ways of working together, and constant mixing, mixing, mixing! I hate the Mixels to pixels!"'' - King Nixel, [[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]]
*"''Nix-cellent, almost time to claim my prize!" ''- King Nixel, A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
*''"I'm waiting, [[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]]! Try this on for size! Hahahahah! You puny things dare to challenge me? Hahaha!"'' - King Nixel, A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
*''"I have succeeded in scamming all of [[Mixopolis]] into handing over every last [[Cubit]]! Then, I cleverly reduced the Cubits down to their pure liquid essence and reversed the osmosis of their sub-molecular axillary! Eh…don’t ask me how. I loaded it all into a super-ballistic missile, which will soon be blasted into the stratosphere, and rain back down on Mixopolis, absorbing the entire color spectrum!"'' - King Nixel, [[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]]
*''"Hey [[Booger|kid]], watch where you point that thing!"'' - King Nixel, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
*''"From now on, Mixopolis will be called...NIXOPOLIS!"'' - King Nixel, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
*''"You haven't seen the last of me! AGH! ...Okay, maybe you have."'' - King Nixel, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
==Set Information==
|name= King Nixel
|image= <tabber>
True form=[[File:KN base transparent.png|250px]]
Congregated form=[[File:KN transparent.png|270px]]
|imagesize= 250px
|series= 6
|number= [[Wuzzo|41547]]
|packaging= Yellow bag
|pieces= 17 (True form)<br>91 (Congregated form)
|price= {{Price
|code= CHA1NSA8
King Nixel's true form (his head, torso and shoulder pads in his congregated form) is included in [[41547]] Wuzzo as the Nixel that represents his respective Mixel tribe, the [[Weldos]]. King Nixel's true form contains 17 pieces.
Instructions for a complete build of King Nixel were made available on the [[LEGO]] Club website.<ref></ref> It combines all of the Nixels from the [[2015]] sets that include them ([[Rokit]], [[Flamzer]], [[Vampos]], [[Gox]], [[Krog]], [[Turg]], [[Slusho]] and [[Berp]]) with the king's base model in 41547. This is to create King Nixel's official, large design of added Nixel limbs. The final model contains 91 pieces, and has full articulation in the shoulders and waist.
{{Quote|The Nixels want to ruin all of the Mixels’ fun. And the most powerful Nixel of all is their king! You can build him using the instructions below. Then get your Mixels ready to stop him before he leads the Nixels to victory!|LEGO Club website}}
*He is the largest character to appear so far. However, without the other Nixels that make up his larger form, he is one of the smallest; around the same size as the other Nixels.
*Similar to the [[Tentacle Nixel]], King Nixel uses Nixels to make himself appear larger.
*His LEGO form has a gold crown and gold elements, while his animated form has a silver crown, claws, and cloak. This makes him the character with the most discrepancy between his LEGO and animated forms.
*His moustache has an effect on his voice, giving him the threatening sound that he has.
*He has [[King Nixel's Airship|his own personal airship]].
*He makes mechanical noises when he moves; thus proving, before the reveal, that he is made up of other Nixels.
*Despite being the main antagonist of the series, he only appears in three episodes.
*He has the ability to feel pain through his amalgamated body, despite it being created from other Nixels than himself.
*Out of all the characters, he has the most amount of nicknames given to him.
* In an unexpected November 9, 2017 [[Breaking News]] update, it is claimed that he is still alive, and just in hiding. However, it is unconfirmed if this is truly canon.
==Behind the Scenes==
In the [[Mixels (TV series)|TV series]], and where sound clips are used, King Nixel's voice is provided by [[Phil Hayes]] ([[Mixel Moon Madness]]) and [[Steve Blum]] ([[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]] and [[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]]).
An early demo reel of a modified line of King Nixel's was found on SoundCloud by voice actor Jeffery Scott Hendrick, possibly as a demo take for A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.<ref></ref>
He is the second single-entity character to have had more than one voice actor, with two. [[Major Nixel]] was the first, and has the most with three.
[[File:Mirandadresslerconcept18.jpg|thumb|Concept art]]
===Real-life history===
====Early development====
Original [[Concept Art|concept art]] by [[Miranda Dressler]] showed King Nixel with a heavier slouch in his posture.
King Nixel was first revealed as a character in the Mixels franchise in late [[January]] and early [[February]] [[2015]] when he appeared at [[Toy Fair]]s with the rest of [[Series 4]] through [[Series 6|6]].
King Nixel debuted in the TV series on [[March]] 9, 2015 in [[Mixel Moon Madness]], while his [[LEGO]] model with [[41547]] Wuzzo officially became available on [[October]] 1st with the rest of Series 6.
King Nixel also appears in the mobile app game [[Mixels Rush]], released on [[May]] 21, 2015.
{{Main|King Nixel/Gallery}}
===[[Mixels (TV series)|TV series]]===
====[[Season 2]]====
*[[Mixel Moon Madness]] (minor)
*[[A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig]]
*[[Nixel, Nixel, Go Away]]
*[[Mixels Rush]]
*LEGO Club Magazines
**Defeat King Nixel!
*[[Mixels Websites]]
==Sources and References==
==External links==
*[ Instructions on] (41547 Wuzzo base model)

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Debut Mixel Moon Madness
Last Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka) Ominous Shadow[1]
Fearsome figure
King Nix
Your Highness (Major Nixel)
Your Hugeness (Major Nixel)
Your Bossiness (Major Nixel)
His Royal Highhorse (Major Nixel)
Your Flatulence (Major Nixel)
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Great King Nixel (Japanese translation of name)
Nixel King
That Guy (Zabo)
Tribe Nixels
Position King
Gender Preference Male
Color Black
Special Features Moustache
Crystal crown
Spiked pauldrons
Nixel limbs
Likes Order
Ruining fun and creativity
Destroying all the Cubits
His mother
Dislikes Mixels
When his Major fails him
Quote "You won't get away with this! MOMMY!!"
Voice Actor Phil Hayes (Mixel Moon Madness)
Steve Blum (A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away)
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King Nixel Theme / Nixel Invasion
Mixels Series 6 (October 2015)

LEGO sets

41545 Kramm 41545 KRAMM B / 41546 Forx 41546 FORX B / 41547 Wuzzo 41547 WUZZO B (King Nixel)
Weldos Max Weldos Max trans

Glorp Corp cousins
41548 Dribbal 41548 DRIBBLE B / 41549 Gurggle 41549 GURGLE B (Cubit) / 41550 Slusho 41550 SLURT B (Nixel)
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Munchos Max Munchos Max trans

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A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig


The Weldos MAX at Work! / The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch!

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