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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of Infernites. Fiery, short-tempered, but handy for a barbecue, the red-hot Infernites dwell in the magma wastelands near the Earth's core.

Series 1
Color Red
Home Magma Wastelands
Occupation Fiery Mixels
Leader  ?

The Infernites are one of the tribes in Mixels. They are lava-slide loving Mixels whose fiery features make up their personalities and are red in color.


Flain - The leader who is super smart and always tries to keep a level head... that's on fire!


Vulk - The dim-witted but warm hearted one whose hands hold his powers and gives painful high fives.

Zorch - The annoying prankster who can run rapidly with fiery jets on his backside.



Flain is extremely good friends with the Cragsters (especially Seismo). However, Zorch is disliked by the Cragsters (Seismo dislikes him the most, and Krader dislikes him the least). Vulk even has a good relationship with Krader.


They have a neutral relationship with the Electroids, mostly. However, Vulk is very good friends with Zaptor. He even invites Teslo (even Krader) for ice cream. Flain appears to also be friends with Zaptor as both had a picnic with Lunk and Chomly in Mixed Up. The Infernites' relationship with Volectro is neutral.


As this is the fire tribe and the Frosticons are the ice tribe, the two tribes don't really get along well. This is even shown in their mixes and murps; most of the time, they make a murp, and the mixes aren't very good-looking, either. Also, the most disappointing murp (Flain and Slumbo) is made by trying to mix two members of these tribes. However, Flain and Slumbo seem to be good friends. He also seems to like Lunk as both were having a picnic with Zaptor and Chomly in Mixed Up.

Fang Gang

Flain seems to hate Chomly and Jawg, but in Mixed Up, he was having a picnic with Chomly, along with Lunk and Zaptor, which means he could be friends with Chomly after all. Gobba is neutral.


Flain and Kraw are known to be friends, as they went snowboarding.

Glorp Corp






The following list is of episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen.


  • Their leader is Flain.
  • They are based upon the element of fire.
  • Their tribe name is based on the word "inferno".
  • Their Cycloptic Member is Vulk.
  • Their Max is a dragon-like creature that breathes fire.






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