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The Infernites are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are Mixels whose fiery features make up their personalities. Additionally, they are always full of energy and totally unpredictable. You can never tell what is going to get them all fired up next. They are red, maroon, and transparent orange in color.



The three original Infernites were featured in the first wave of Mixels.

Image Name Description
Flainfirefix.png Flain The leader who is super smart and always tries to keep a level head... that's on fire!
41501 Vulk b.png Vulk The dim-witted but warm-hearted one whose hands hold his powers and gives painful high fives.
ZorchArtwork.png Zorch The annoying prankster who can run rapidly with fiery jets on his backside.


In Series 4, three more members were released. They are the cousins of the original Infernites.

Image Name Description
Meltus S4.png Meltus The gentle one with allergies.
FlamzerMR2.png Flamzer The incredibly fast scaredy-cat.
Oie 1G1qpxTtyTn5.png Burnard The one with an ever-broad sense of humor.


Image Name Description
Ash vector.png Ash A background Infernite.
Pyrope vector.png Pyrope A background Infernite.
Flare vector.png Flare A background Infernite.
CaynoE17.png Cayno A background Infernite.
CombustorE17.png Combustor A background Infernite.
HotstuffVectorByDerek.png Hotstuff A background Infernite.
CharlieE17.png Charlie A background Infernite that shares a model with Banjoe.


The following contains the episodes in which three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.





  • Their leader of both groups (2014 and 2015) is Flain.
  • They are based upon the element of fire.
  • The 2014 Infernites use a gradient style for their fire in various promotional material and concept art, while in the show it is different.
  • The 2015 Infernites have orange highlights while the 2014 ones don't.
  • Their tribe name is based on the word "inferno".
  • All of the 2015 members can breathe out, or at least burp out fire.
  • The Series 1 bags were bright red, while the Series 4 bags are an orange-red color.
  • The 2014 members represent January in the 2016 Wall Calendar.
    • This is different with the 2015 Wall Calendar, where Vulk is the only Infernite that does not represent any months in the calendar (Flain represents April, while Zorch represents September).
  • In the CN website, the Series 1 Infernites are misinterpreted as the "Infernates". The reason may be because of confusion.

A cut Infernite with an axe tail.

  • Both the Series 1 and the Series 4 Infernites are the only time where both the first 3 members and later 3 members use the same eye pieces for their LEGO model (Flain, Zorch, Burnard and Meltus have ball plug eyes, while Flamzer and Vulk have 2x2 round tiles as eyes).
  • A scrapped Infernite with an axe tail appears on an early promotional poster for the franchise.


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